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La Têt
In collaboration with Martine Viale
We stand motionless facing each other on both sides of the river, at the boundary of the water. Our spread arms confirm the direction from which the water comes and to which side it flows. Continue reading

To Hiroomi
June 12, 2022

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As a friendly gesture to Hiroomi Horiuchi,
I walked and recorded the first hour of the route
from my home in Maumont, Hautefort, France
to his home in Kichijōji, Musashino, Tokyo, Japan. Continue reading


For three days, the studio was open to the public from 11:00 to 19:00.
This means the artworks were left alone sixteen hours a day .
With no one around, the works have no need to interact,
they are simply objects without meaning, like any other. Continue reading

Crossfaded stereo sound recording
of the first 15 minutes from sunrise at 8:20 AM (left channel)
and the last 15 minutes to sunset at 5:57 PM (right channel). Continue reading

45° 15′ 00″ N 1° 06′ 19″ E

I am here.
I call a friend and she answers the call.
Via a video connection I lead her through the scenery
and I describe in words what we are looking at.

My description structures the first few minutes of our conversation.
After that, our talk meanders naturally in all directions. Continue reading

Merging spaces
in collaboration with Elia Torrecilla

Two simultaneous improvised sound walks in the streets of Valencia (Spain) and Badefols d’Ans (France).
Sounds were created through the improvised use of everything we encountered while walking.
The continuous exchange of the live sounds over the phone allowed for immediate feedback and reaction.

Both recordings were later superimposed in the editing process, retaining their stereo structure,
making them part of the same sound space.

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I am standing in a field in the southwest of France.
My phone is in front of me in the grass.
A is standing in a field in the southeast of Scotland,
holding his phone to his ear.
Our phones are connected. Continue reading

Spill (2021)

At the Río Segura I filled a glass with water, and  I walked up the mountain.
I stopped at a spot from where I had a clear view at the valley and the river below.
With the glass in my hand, I bent down slowly and repeatedly,
synchronised with the rhythm of my breathing.
With each bending movement, water spilled from the glass onto the ground.
The work was finished when the glass was empty.
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Stone and ball
From the street the artist throws a stone into the gallery,
from the gallery the curator throws a ball into the street.

Performed on 6 November, 2021 
at FantastikLab, Valencia, Spain.
Curator: E.Torrecilla.