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L’espace vingt-quatre heures

I walked around the village 24 times in 24 successive hours.
I captured all walks on video.
I merged 24 fragments, 1 fragment of every walk,
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West wind

I am standing on a windy beach in Hook of Holland, Netherlands.
By text message I contact a friend who is walking in Bond street in Brooklyn, NYC.
I ask him to turn up the volume of his phone, as loud as possible. I then call him.
We don’t speak a word but we let the buffeting wind noise of my phone
sound through that street on the other side of the ocean.

Thanks to Ed Woodham.


I invited twenty artists to make a ten minutes long audio recording of Silence.
Each one of them decided where, how and in what conditions they wanted to do this.
I superimposed all submitted recordings as layers into one combined file.
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This day, May 2, 2020, the first day after a 40-day Corona-quarantine, residents of Spain will be allowed to go out for sporting or hiking on fixed time slots. This is only permitted within a radius of one km from home.
The Spanish government opened a website ( where residents can find exactly what this means concerning their own situation.
On this website I discovered where a comparable circle would reach, starting from my home in the Netherlands, in case our government applied the same rules.
Elia Torrecilla and I agreed to take a parallel walk. Continue reading

Call lll

Some time ago I published an open invitation to call me on Friday, May 1, between 1 PM and 2 PM (CEST).
That first day in May I walked in a rural area in the southwest of the Netherlands.
When the phone rang I did not answer the call. Instead I took a picture of what I was looking at on that moment.
I then sent that picture to the number that appeared on my phone. I sent 48 photos.

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Two 30 minute digital audio recordings of the North Sea,
made simultaneously (16:00 UTC, 23.04.2020)
on the East coast of Scotland, (56° N.);
and on the West coast of the Netherlands (52° N.).
Synchronised and mixed together into one stereo file.

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A Chair as Any Other
performed at the
February 22, 2020
DfbrL8r, ARC Gallery,
Chicago, IL

For nine years the red folding chair was a defining object in the DfbrL8r-archives.
In those years the chair was used in at least five performances of different artists.
I decided to find it a new home, to take it away from the spotlights
and to bring it to a place where it could lose its artistic background
and become the mundane object it was meant to be.

In the performance I read a text explaining the process and results.

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At the start of the performance, the attendees are asked not to take any photos or videos.

A square of 200 cm by 200 cm is plotted on the wall with masking tape. The enclosed space is then painted with the same whitewash the walls were previously painted with. When the painting is finished, the masking tape is removed and the floor is cleaned of any spilled paint.
It is still possible to distinguish the square, but as the paint dries, the square will fade and merge with its surroundings.
The attendees leave when all traces have disappeared.

Two sides of a door

On either side of a closed door, two people hold the handle. They do not move the handle, just hold.
After a certain time one of the two pushes down the handle and opens the door.
The second steps aside and makes way.
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