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Route de Maumont
Participation to La Biennale de Momon.

Route de Maumont
For most of us, Maumont proved to be an impossible destination. We had to approach it by means of just our imagination. Knowing the village for so long, I created a walk to show the real Maumont from a distance in seven photo positions. As soon as we can travel again, we could walk this route to emphasize and celebrate the long unattainable heart of our project.

On mobile phone the file Route de Maumont is downloadable for offline use.


Nycthemeron shows the course of a rowboat through the canal around Fort Maarsseveen.
In 24 consecutive hours, 24 fragments of the tour were rowed and captured on video.
The accumuluated time is 10’24 minutes, which is the time it takes
to row around the fortress in one continuous run.
The video is played in an endless loop.
Nycthemeron is a one-screen installation,
presented at Fort Maarsseveen during the Waterdicht-project (July 3 – September 26, 2021).

In this online presentation, the video is playing 3 times in a row (31’11 min. )
camera: Steef van Lent
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photographic print

Text line:
After taking this picture, I went to where the horizon touches the right-hand side of this work.
From there I walked to the left, to where the horizon touches the left-hand side.
Walking this line took 19 minutes and 24 seconds.


Leave was a performance, ending in a series of photographs.
During a walk, in private and public space, I focussed on leaving places.

I avoided experiencing my movements as arriving at a place.

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Shared darkness
In collaboration with Manuela Macco

15 minutes
we are standing
at different locations,
in shared darkness.

Biella, IT. – Dordrecht, NL.

After two try-outs (1 December, 4 January),
we carry out the work every first night of six consecutive months,
from 12:00 a.m. till 12:15 a.m. (USC+1), starting March 1, 2021.

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A Scene #30 – #1

On this website and on Facebook I announce small events that will take place at a certain location and at a certain moment in the near future.
Everybody is invited to be at the exact spot at the exact time to contribute to the scene with his/her own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

A Scene #30: a street where nobody speaks
On Friday, August 20,  between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., users of the Neißstraße (between Weberstraße and Uferstraße) in Görlitz (D), were personally addressed, and asked not to speak or to make any other noise. Small cards were handed out with the following texts:.

“Liebe FuBgängerin, lieber FuBgänger,
Heute, am 20. August, ist diese StraBe ein Ort der Stille. Bitte tragen Sie dazu bei, indem Sie während
lhren Spaziergang nicht sprechen oder Lärm machen. Wir danken lhnen herzlich für 1hr Engagement.”

“Drogi przechodniu,
Dziś, 20 sierpnia, ulica ta jest miejscem ciszy. Prosimy o nie rozmawianie i nie halasowanie podczas spaceru. Dziękujemy za Państwa zaangażowanie.”

A Scene #30 was part of STRE!FEN performance festival

A Scene #29: the real world
On Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 2:20 PM (UTC + 1) I was at the door of a house,
Grotekersbuurt 36, in Dordrecht, the Netherlands (lat: 51.813892, long: 4.66324, alt: 0).
On the door was a poster, showing the exact location, date and time.
I stayed there until the time runned out.

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L’espace vingt-quatre heures

I walked around the village 24 times in 24 successive hours.
I captured all walks on video.
I merged 24 fragments, 1 fragment of every walk,
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West wind

I am standing on a windy beach in Hook of Holland, Netherlands.
By text message I contact a friend who is walking in Bond street in Brooklyn, NYC.
I ask him to turn up the volume of his phone, as loud as possible. I then call him.
We don’t speak a word but we let the buffeting wind noise of my phone
sound through that street on the other side of the ocean.

Thanks to Ed Woodham.


I invited twenty artists to make a ten minutes long audio recording of Silence.
Each one of them decided where, how and in what conditions they wanted to do this.
I superimposed all submitted recordings as layers into one combined file.
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