Both sides of the river
HD-video loop, no sound

In the shade the water flows towards the bridge, and
in the sunshine the water flows away from the bridge.

November, 2021
AADK, Blanca, Spain.

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untitled (2021)
One-screen installation.
4K-video loop, with sound
Please keep sound-volume low!

In the fast-flowing Río Segura,
I have placed a bucket weighted with stones,
to create a place of solidity, rest and stillness.

The work was made at AADK, Blanca, Spain, during a residency in October/November, 2021.

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Chair Festival
October 20, 2021
Artez University,
MA performance practices
Location: Theatrium 2,
Onderlangs 9,
6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

Performance at the DfbrL8r, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
photo © Vela Oma

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Residency at AADK, Blanca, Murcia, Spain
October - November 2021

The working title of my research project will be:
Subjective topography, space as a diary.
It will be developed as part of the AADK-project: Body, Territory and Spatiality.

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Out of Site Chicago
artist focus

On Saturday September 18 Martine Viale is in conversation with Frans van Lent in our weekly Artist Focus program. Frans van Lent is a curator and performance artist and is the organizer of La Biennale de Momon and convener of the upcoming Symposium of La Biennale de Momon on September 19 at the Dordecht Museum in The Netherlands.

Out of Site Chicago

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La Biennale de Momon Symposium
Auditorium Dordrechts Museum
Museumstraat 38, Dordrecht (NL)
19 September 2021, 13:30 - 17:30

Op 19 september vindt In het auditorium van het Dordrechts Museum een symposium plaats waarmee het project La Biennale de Momon wordt voltooid.
Alle kunstenaars die aan het project hebben deelgenomen, zullen bij deze gelegenheid aanwezig zijn:
Lisa Skuret (US/GB), Sarah Boulton (GB), Martine Viale (CA/FR), Joshua Schwebel, (CA/DE), Elia Torrecilla (ES), Marc Buchy (FR/BE), Susana Mendes Silva (PT), Joan Heemskerk (NL) en Frans van Lent (NL).
Zij zullen spreken over hun werk en aanpak van het project en er zal een collectieve performance plaatsvinden, getiteld 'Visual Images by Verbal Means'.
De voertaal van het symposium is Engels.

Daarnaast zal er een voordracht worden gegeven door Ruud Akse, kunstenaar, oprichter en artistiek directeur van NP3 en kerndocent van het Frank Mohr Institute, afdeling MADtech ( Media, Art, Design and Technology). Hij zal spreken over de betekenis van de beschreven thematiek binnen zijn professionele omgeving

deuren van het auditorium zijn geopend vanaf 13:00 uur (Museumstraat 38, ingang Art & Dining). Toegang tot het symposium is vrij, maar reserveren is gewenst. Vanwege Covid regelgeving zijn er beperkt plaatsen beschikbaar.
Stuur een mail naar
U kunt ook een berichtje sturen naar +316 285 999 38 (Frans van Lent).
U wordt vriendelijk verzocht op tijd aanwezig te zijn.

On 19 September, to conclude the La Biennale de Momon project, a symposium will be held in the auditorium of the Dordrecht Museum.
Lisa Skuret (US/GB), Sarah Boulton (GB), Martine Viale (CA/FR), Joshua Schwebel (CA/DE), Elia Torrecilla (ES), Marc Buchy (FR/BE), Susana Mendes Silva (PT), Joan Heemskerk (NL) and Frans Van Lent (NL)
The artists will present their work and approach to the project and there will be a collective performance 'Visual Works by Verbal Means'.

As part of the symposium programme, Ruud Akse founder and artistic director of NP3 and core lecturer at Frank Mohr Institute, department MADtech (Media, Art, Design and Technology) will give a lecture about the meaning of the project theme within his professional environment.
The doors of the auditorium will open at 13:00 (Museumstraat 38, entrance Art & Dining). Entrance to the symposium is free, but reservations are recommended. Due to Covid regulations there are limited places available.
Please send an e-mail to
You can also send a message to +316 285 999 38 (Frans van Lent).

You are kindly requested to be on time.
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A Scene #30: a street where no one speaks

A Scene #30: a street where nobody speaks
On Friday, August 20,  between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., users of the Neißstraße (between Weberstraße and Uferstraße) in Görlitz (D), will be personally addressed, and asked not to speak or to make any other noise. Small cards are handed out with the following texts:.

“Liebe FuBgängerin, lieber FuBgänger,
Heute, am 20. August, ist diese StraBe ein Ort der Stille. Bitte tragen Sie dazu bei, indem Sie während
lhren Spaziergang nicht sprechen oder Lärm machen. Wir danken lhnen herzlich für 1hr Engagement."

“Drogi przechodniu,
Dziś, 20 sierpnia, ulica ta jest miejscem ciszy. Prosimy o nie rozmawianie i nie halasowanie podczas spaceru. Dziękujemy za Państwa zaangażowanie.”

A Scene #30 is part of STRE!FEN performance festival

The Scenes are small events that take place at a certain location and at a certain moment in the near future. Everybody is invited to be at the exact spot at the exact time to contribute to the scene with his/her own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).
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alles gaat door
solo presentation
Studio Seine
Mathenesserdijk 323A
Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Open until July 11, 2021

Open: Friday to Sunday, 1 - 5 pm
& by appointment:
+31 6 208 53 190

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Fort Maarsseveen
3 July - 26 September
Opening: Saturday 3 July, 15:00.


Nycthemeron shows the course of a rowboat through the canal around Fort Maarsseveen.
In 24 consecutive hours, 24 fragments of the tour were rowed and captured on video.
The edit of all fragments takes 10'24 minutes, which is the time it takes to row around the fortress in one continuous run.
Nycthemeron is a one-screen installation.

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The Human Landscape
3 video works by Frans van Lent
June 11 - September 30, 2021

Universidad Miguel Hernández
Sala Gris, Rectorate Building and Social Council.
Av. de la Universidad de Elche, S/N
03202 - Elche, Alicante, Spain.

The Human Landscape is organised parallel to the exhibition
La Ciudad Intermedia by Elia Torrecilla.

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alles gaat door
solo presentation

Studio Seine
May 15 - July 11, 2021
Opening: Saturday May 15, 3 pm.

Looking without seeing, 2021  video still

A special project on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition 'everything goes on' of Frans van Lent in Studio Seine, Rotterdam.

Call IV:
On Saturday, May 15, 2021, I will be walking in a rural area, somewhere in the south-western part of the Netherlands.
Anyone can call me between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM. I will not answer the phone, but instead, I will take a picture of what I am looking at at the moment. I send this photo to the number (via WhatsApp or Signal) that appeared on my phone.
Note: Make sure your number is visible to the recipient (do not call 'anonymously'). Also make sure that the phone you are using is capable of receiving image files.
On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, you can, if desired, later purchase your personal photo as a signed unique print.
Studio Seine
Mathenesserdijk 323A
3026 GC Rotterdam, Netherlands.
May 15 - July 11, 2021
Open: Friday to Sunday, 1 - 5 pm
& by appointment.Reservations:
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Umbigo Magazine

The work L'espace de vingt-quatre heures was the April cover of the Portuguese Umbigo Magazine.
For that occasion I was interviewed by Margarida Oliveira.
The text is also (online) published in Portuguese.

Click here for the interview.

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A Scene #29: the real world

On Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 2:20 PM (UTC + 1) I am at the door of a house,
Grotekersbuurt 36, in Dordrecht, the Netherlands (lat: 51.813892, long: 4.66324, alt: 0).
On the door is a poster, showing the exact location, date and time.
I’ll be at the door until the time runs out.

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La Biennale de Momon
Free Public event:
Saturday February 13
5 p.m. (UTC+1)

La Biennale de Momon originated from the village of Maumont in the southwest of France. Maumont, similar to many old villages, has changed significantly over the past few decades. While the site has retained the same physical structure, very little has remained of the original atmosphere: Residents disappeared and strangers took over the vacancies. Agriculture became gardening, physical labor became relaxation.

The original plan was for the artists to each reside and work in Maumont for a time, absorbing the atmosphere, history, and stories. We agreed that after our residencies we would leave the village without a trace and that the project would be presented online only.

The pandemic has radically changed the project. Most participants only know the village from photos and video. The physical reality that had triggered the project, now plays a different role. The pandemic also changed the project conceptually, as it pushed us even more from the physical towards the virtual. Not so much experiencing this as a limitation, we accepted this as a natural event which inevitably influences our choices. Looking at what was still there, we imagined how this could lead us to something beautiful. We created a new colony in the virtual world, not based on the village of Maumont, but based on an imaginary Momon.
The domain has became our new location, a new base, the new original.

La Biennale de Momon, initiated by Frans van Lent, was composed by nine artists: Sarah Boulton, Marc Buchy, Joan Heemskerk, Frans van Lent, Susana Mendes Silva, Josh Schwebel, Lisa Skuret, Elia Torrecilla and Martine Viale.
What these artists have in common is a focus on the processes of change rather than on its material deposits. DesignerMaya Rettelbach has gathered the artists’ work together on neutral terrain, in a place outside the village, in a virtual garden.

The website is created by Maya Rettelbach.

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A Scene #28: a parallel improvisation
in collaboration with Henk Overdevest

In the afternoon of Saturday January 9, H and I will drive through the city of Rotterdam. H drives his car in the north of Rotterdam while I drive my car in the south of Rotterdam. At exactly 2:20 pm I call H on the hands-free phone. During our call, we will both say aloud the names of the streets in which we drive. The conversation lasts 15 minutes and is recorded. Later the mentioned streets on both sides of the river are connected in a drawing on the map of Rotterdam.

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A Scene #27: Private, dark mode

On Sunday13 December at 02:00 (UTC+1), for 15 minutes I stood motionless at the window of my living room (51.8137612 N, 4.671336 E), and looked into the nocturnal street. My face to the South, my arms beside my body.

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Body (not) Urban in Action

My video work Nieuwstraat is part of the 2nd edition of the
Festival Internacional de Performances Mínimas Urbanas (Confinadas) en Vídeo
curated by Elia Torrecilla

Dates and places will follow!

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La Biennale de Momon
January - June 2021

Cooperative project with: Sarah Boulton (GB), Marc Buchy (FR/BE), Joan Heemskerk (NL), Frans van Lent (NL), Susana Mendes Silva (PT), Josh Schwebel (DE/CA), Lisa Skuret (US/GB), Elia Torrecilla (ES), Martine Viale (CA/FR).

Maumont is a small village in the Perigord in France. It consists of 15 houses, around 30 inhabitants and there is no church, shop, café or other public facility. Only a few original residents are still living in the village; most of them died over the years, others left to live elsewhere. Today many inhabitants are pensioners coming from other (Western European) countries. Twenty years ago you could still smell the farms everywhere. Herds of cows and sheep were led through the village every day. Nowadays you mainly see quads, mountain bikes and parents, leading their children on donkeys.
The village has changed from a place where everything was related to soil, work, growth and the seasons, to a place where the inhabitants mainly stroll, relax and dream.

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My work Nieuwstraat wil be part of
the second Festival Performance Mínimas Urbanas en vídeo
curated by Elia Torrecilla.

The work Staan (2020) will be part of the group show
EN NU in Pictura the next three weekends.


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A Scene #24: Leave the place

This is an invitation to join a scene! Be at the exact spot at the exact time and contribute to the scene with your own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

On Saturday July 4 2020 at 2 p.m. (CEST) I will be standing in front of the bronze doors of Blaak 10, Rotterdam (5155.1223,N, 00429.3217,E).
At exactly 2.20 pm I walk towards the train station (Blaak), descend the stairs, go to platform 3 and take the first train in southern direction.

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A Scene #23: Acceleration

Acceleration is the rate of change of the velocity of an object with respect to time.

On Saturday June 27, 2020 at 2:00 PM (CEST), I will be at Hofplein, Rotterdam (5155.4866 N, 00428.6858 E), facing Coolsingel.
I walk in the direction of Beurs metro station, where I earlier parked my bicycle.
I take my bike and cycle on in the same direction, Schiedamse Dijk. I pass Erasmus bridge, Wilhelmina square and stop at Kop van Zuid, where I earlier parked my car.
I put my bicycle in the boot, get in the car and continue my way in the same direction.

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Nieuwstraat Festival

The Nieuwstraat is an average street in the city center of Dordrecht, the Netherlands.
The Nieuwstraat Festival took place on an undisclosed day in 2020 (June 20), between sunrise and midnight. The performances were carried out by volunteers, unannounced and with no explanation.
Taking place in everyday settings, the performances involve hiding the unusual within the usual. Passersby perceived the actions, but might not have recognised them as performance art.

The program consisted of works by:
Annie Abrahams
Karina Beumer
Jessica van Deursen
Guillaume Dufour Morin
Ienke Kastelein
Jonathon Keats
Laura Hyunjhee Kim
Stefan Klein
Frans van Lent
Deirdre MacLeod
Javier Mansilla
Maria Martens Serrano
Andrew McNiven
Janet Meaney
Nico Parlevliet
Mikio Saito
Elia Torrecilla
Albert van der Weide
Kamila Wolszczak

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A Scene #22: Double

On Saturday 23 May 2020 at 2:20 PM (CEST), I will be standing in the middle of the food market at Statenplein, Dordrecht, the Netherlands (5148.8870 N, 00440.1692 E).
I look around until I recognise someone, and while I am looking at this person I grab my phone and call him/her to ask how things are. After a while, I will make clear that I am within visual distance, stop the conversation and raise my arm to say goodbye. I leave the market.

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A Scene #21

On Saturday, April 11 2020, from 2:00 till 2:30 PM (CEST) I will be pacing up and down between the iron gate and the front door of the studio building Singel 222, Dordrecht (51.8085854, 4.6706976).
Please, keep your distance!

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A Scene #20

On Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 2:20 PM (CET) I was standing in the aisle of a flying Boeing 767-300, between the Netherlands and Iceland. With my eyes closed, my arms beside my body, I was for 15 minutes contemplating the enormity of the ocean below.

In memory of Antoinette Reuten.

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A Scene #19: Doubts

This is an invitation to join a scene! Be at the exact spot at the exact time and contribute to the scene with your own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

On Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 2:20 PM (CEST) I am in the middle of a field at Ons Park, Feijenoordstraat, 3071 LN Rotterdam, (51 ° 54'53.5 "N 4 ° 29'50.4" E).
I will consider the direction where I came from and I will consider and reconsider where to go from there.
When I have made a decision, I will leave in a chosen direction.

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The videowork Grid (2010)

is part of
Van der Helstplein Videobiennale
24/7 present at a display window
of the Van der Helst Plein, Amsterdam
December 13, 2019 - March 13, 2020.

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on the sacred, the lost, and the forgotten relics of live art
curated by ieke Trinks
February 2020
Defibrillator Gallery
ARC Gallery, 1463 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

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An exercise in symmetry

We were both walking in unspecified areas.
We called each other and we kept our phones close to our ears.
We did not speak but listened for 30 minutes, synchronised our rhythms.

With Elia Torrecilla,
12:00-12:30 PM (CET), December 5, 2019

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Pictura Performance Festival
21 November - 15 December
Voorstraat 190
3311 ES Dordrecht (NL)

Performances every Saturday
with: a.o.
222lodge shows a continuous presentation of:
Urban Body in Action
curated by Elia Torrecilla and Miguel Molina,

Saturday December 14, 15:30
Performance: Vierkant
and during this day
TheConceptBank will be open
to all sorts of transactions.

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Schau mal Erika
Vestischer Künstlerbund RE
Kutscherhaus Recklinghausen
Willy-Brandt-Park 5
45657 Recklinghausen (D)

26 October - 24 November 2019
Opening: 26 October, 6 PM

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A Scene #18

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Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives
Toussaintkade 55, Den Haag (NL)
20 September - 6 October, 2019
Opening: 20 September, 19:00

The shortest connection between two points is a straight line. If there are more points, it becomes a web. Some connections are used intensively, others remain in the periphery.
With the MÊKH-WEB-exhibition, EX-MÊKH will map the network, built in 13 years.

An exhibition with work by EX-MÊKH (Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers, Kees Koomen) and guest artists Marian Wijnvoord, Niels Post and Frans van Lent.

During the exhibition I will perform every day at unannounced moments.

Opened: Fri, Sat, Sun: 1pm-5pm
Fri. 27 Sept.: 1pm-5pm and 7pm-11pm.

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A Myopic Street View
a collective visual research project for 3 to 15 participants.

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The Nature of Things
Studio Seine
Mathenesserdijk 323A, 3026 GC Rotterdam (NL)
September 6 - November 10

The Nature of Things, a group exhibition curated by Nathalie Duivenvoorden and Jessica Skowroneck. They will show their works together with works of  invited artists Frans van Lent, Hugo Tieleman and Marjolein Witte.

© Marjolein Witte

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Synchronize (2005/2019)
Hof (start), Dordrecht, Netherlands
1 September, 2019 ~

The work Synchronize consists of a walking route and an mp3 file.
While walking the route you need to wear headphones or earphones to listen to the mp3. Follow the walk as carried out earlier, and synchronize with the sound of the walking feet.

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On Saturday, July 20,
between 14:00 and 15:00,
I will call you.

We will not speak.
Our telephones will be connected for 60 seconds, the loudspeakers on full volume.
The sounds of our surroundings will blend together, somewhere between us.

If you want to join this project send me your number (including country code) by email*.
I will schedule my call to you, and email you to notify you of the time.
Two minutes before my call, I will send a text to remind you.
I will record the sound of our call and the recording might be used in the online documentation of the project.

*Update July 10: Because of the amount of responses, it is no longer possible to register.

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On Sunday 25 May I will, together with Elia Torrecilla,  perform at Art D', Cicle d'Art Acció.

Art D 'Cicle d'Art Accio, is a bi-monthly cycle of international performance events. The program consists of live performances and lectures with room for theory, reflection and debate. Art D 'is organized by a group of performance artists and researchers, in collaboration with the Centro del Carme Cultura Contemporánea.

Centro del Carme Cultura Contemporania, Museu 2, 46003 Valencia, Spain

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A Scene #16
On Saturday May 18, 2019 at 14:00 (WEST) for 20 minutes I will be reading a newspaper in a queue at Ponto Inicial Trem 28, Rua Senhora Saúde 6B, Lisbon, Portugal (N38°42'54.1116'' W9°8'12.048''). After 20 minutes I will fold the newspaper, leave the queue, and walk away in the direction of Rua da Graça.

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About A Scene #15/16 and the work daqui até o rio and also about the project Het Binnenhuis (o Interio), a performative installation I presented in the Netherlands just before I left for Lisbon. Finally, I will show the short film of this project.

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A Scene #15

On this website and on Facebook I announce small events that will take place at a certain location and at a certain moment in the near future. Everybody is invited to be at the exact spot at the exact time to contribute to the scene with his/her own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

On Saturday April 13, 2018 at 14:20 (WEST) I will be present at Jardim Augusto Gil, Largo da Graça, Lisbon, Portugal (GMS N 38°42'57.96" W 9°7'50.519"), in order to perform a short collage of casual movements I perceived there in the days before. The carrying out will take about 10 minutes.

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Open Studio Route Dordrecht
March 16/17, 2019
Singel 222, Dordrecht , Netherlands

My studio at Singel 222 will be open to visitors
from 11:00 to 12:45 and from 14:15 to17:00 h.
On both days I will initiate a performative group walk,
starting at 13:00 h. at Hof, 3311 ES Dordrecht.
Please, feel free to join!

The Open Atelier Route is an initiative of Pictura and the Dordrechts Museum.

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Centro de Investigação Artística
April 1 - June 30, 2019

Rua Damasceno Monteiro, 12
1170-112 Lisboa, Portugal

HANGAR is an Artistic Research Center located in Graça, Lisbon. HANGAR includes a center of exhibitions, artistic residencies, and artistic studies. It is also a center of education, talks, and conversations that unify geographic locations, cultures and identities and stimulate the development of artistic and theoretical practices.
HANGAR also seeks to organize and produce the development of artistic inter-disciplinary projects and visual arts projects that focus on Lisbon as a central backdrop for contemporary culture.
HANGAR is an independent space managed by artists and curators. It is a place for experimentation, research, and reflection artistic practices. This space is a point of convergence of various areas of contemporary artistic processes.

From April 1st to June 30, 2019, I will be working as a residence-artist in a Hangar studio in Lisbon, Portugal.

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A Scene #14

A Scene #14: Over and Under
On Saturday December 15, 2018 at 14:20 CET I waited for a tram in southern direction, at tram stop Leuvehaven (51°54’55.625″N, 4°28’56.857″E), Rotterdam. I stepped into the first arriving tram. The tram crossed the river Maas over the Erasmus bridge. I got off the tram at the first stop on the other side of the river: Wilhelminaplein (51°54’26.72″N, 4°29’34.756″E).
I then entered the Metro station and waited at the platform for a metro train in Northern direction. I took the first arriving train, and crossed the river Maas through the tunnel. I left the train at the first stop: Leuvehaven.

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Open Performance Academy | Art Science Hunger
7 December 2018
20:00 -23:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam

20:00: First try-out of the participatory performance A Myopic Street View

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A Scene #13
On Saturday 8 December 2018, at exactly 14:20 CET, I will publicly announce a new event with the name: 'A Scene # 14', on the website and on Facebook. Unlike all previous events, you can be part of this occurrence at any chosen location, if you are online on that specific moment.

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A Performative Walk #5
A performative walk as the base, as the method and as the outcome of a process of leading and following.

A group of people walks in a random direction. The person at the front is leading. When somebody wants to change the direction, he/she walks up to the front and takes over. The group always follows. Finally the group returns to the starting point (if somebody decides so).
During the walk nobody talks and telephones are switched off!

A Performative Walk #5 takes place on Monday 26 November at exactly 8:00 pm. If you want to join, please be at Hof, 3311 XG Dordrecht at 7:50 PM. Participation is free.
A Performative Walk #5 is part of De Grootste Tentoonstelling van Dordrecht in the framework of 400 years Synode.

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Printing Plant Art Book Fair
My books Unnoticed Art and TheParallelShow
will be on show at the table of Jap Sam Books.
On Sunday 25 November, 19:00 - 19:30
I will read from the book TheParallelShow.
Looiersgracht 60, 1016 VT Amsterdam (NL).
You are very welcome at the occasion.

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Chai with Guillaume
14 November, 2018

Part of the project
When Words Become Situations
curator : Guillaume Dufour Morin.
Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale II,
Morni Hills (Badisher), Haryana, India.

I was invited to create a work for the curatorial program When Words Become Situations
In the framework of the Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale II. 
I invited the responsible curator Guillaume Dufour Morin to join me for dinner.
He then invited me to have tea with him first. I used the same recipe.

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Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale II
November 19 - November 24, 2018

Hosted by Healing Hill Art Space (HHAS)
Badisher, Morni Hills,
Panchkula, Haryana,

Group D, 
curated by Guillaume Dufour Morin
November 19 - November 24
Alejandro Chêllet, Mexico
Ernesta Dir Banauskaite, Lithuania
Frans van Lent, Netherlands
Hector Canonge, USA
Janani Cooray, Sri Lanka
Jihyoung Park, South Korea
Karolina Kubik, Poland
Kristiane Nerdrum Bøgwald, Norway
Lola Lostusa, Brazil/Germany
Okty Budiati, Indonesia
Renu Bariwal, India
Satadru Sovan, India

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Open Performance Academy | Art Science Hunger
Worm-Ubik Rotterdam

Open Performance Academy (OPA) is a knowledge and practice platform for artists and theoreticians working with and from performance. OPA offers a platform for research, experiment and reflection. Artists and theorists are given the opportunity to show work in progress and to receive feedback from the audience. Conversely, the audience gets an insight into state of the art research within and to performance art. By focusing on both the artist and theoretician and the audience, OPA contributes to the development within art and the transfer of art and knowledge.

My presentations will take place on November 8 and November 22, 2018.
Performance: December 7, 2018.

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A Scene #12

On Saturday October 13, 2018 I walked on the Bergweg, Rotterdam (on the right site) in the direction of the Gordelweg, carrying a plastic bag with oranges. At exactly 14:20 CEST, I passed the corner of the Zaagmolenstraat (51°56’08.6″N, 4°28’35.2″E), in front of Bergweg 184 A, and at that exact moment the bag teared open and the oranges spread over the pavement. I then gathered the oranges, put them in another plastic bag and walked on in the same direction.
(this scene was a repetition of A Scene #1 of October 11, 2014).

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In my hands I hold two camcorders.
I set both cameras to record. I hand one camera to a person (A). I ask him to film me, while following me.
I walk to a second person (B), hand him the second camera and again ask him to film me, while following me.
I turn to person A, ask the camera back and then hand it to another person (C) while giving her the same instruction. I walk to person B, ask back the camera and hand it to another person (D) while giving him the same instruction.
This process of swapping, walking and filming goes on for about 15 minutes.

I then take both cameras and set them to playback.
I position the cameras on a table, next to each other.

Nucleo, Ghent (B)

The object doesn't exist
August 25 - 26, 2018

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Two Walks in the Same Direction

On Wednesday, August 22, 2018, at 2 pm (CEST), Elia Torrecilla and Frans van Lent started walking in north-westerly direction. Elia Torrecilla walked in the area of Altea, Spain (38°36’19.7″N 0°02’28.3″W) and Frans van Lent walked in the area of the Biesbosch, the Netherlands (51°48’34.8″N 4°46’38.0″E). Alternately they sent each other photos of their locations and by doing so they turned these two separate walks into one shared experience.

The walks lasted about 1 hour and 24 photos were sent.

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August 25-26  August, 2018
Projectspace Nucleo
Gent (BE)

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Rules to Play By
July 27–29, 2018 @ St. Louis, MO, USA

Rules to Play By 
is a playful weekend exhibition of rules, instructions, recipes, scripts, programs, and scores exploring the theme.

Selected pieces will be displayed in two locations for the weekend of July 27–29, 2018.
One location is Snapdragon Studio, a florist studio converted into a gallery during the summer. The other is within Pixelpop Festival. Both locations are in St. Louis, MO.

The score of  the work A separated Song for Separated Lovers will be in show in Snapdragon Studio.
The work A Performative Walk 4 will be executed two times in the streets of St. Louis.

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 The places where we are (or would like to be)
July 24, 2018

For this work I proposed to colleagues and friends that we held a (private) telephone conversation about The places where we were (or would like to be). We arranged for each call to take place on specific time slots on July 24th.  During a daylong walk in the Perigord, I called each of the participants at the agreed time and we talked a few minutes about the places where we were at that moment. During this conversation we sent each other photos of our surroundings (WhatsApp), creating an instant mix of both visual worlds.

Participants were:
Janet Meaney (at a guesthouse, Adelaide, Australia)
Lucien den Arend (in a hammock, Kangasniemi, Finland)
Maureen Bachaus (at the Airport in Köln, Germany)
Ienke Kastelein (in a garden, Roden, Groningen, Netherlands)
Steef van Lent (at the waterside, Rummelsburg, Berlin, Germany)
Witold van Ratingen (in a street, Utrecht, Netherlands)
Elia Torrecilla (near the village of Puebla de Sanabria, Zamora, Spain)
Daniel Pinheiro (at his home, Porto, Portugal)
Nico Parlevliet (in a hotel, Flores, Indonesia)
Andrew McNiven (at the seaside near Dunbar, Scotland, UK)
Kees Koomen (in a hospice, Cloitre St. Paul, St. Rémy de Provence, France)
Jacqui Orly (in her kitchen, Hayle, Cornwall, UK)
Joyce Overheul (in her apartment, Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Sarah Boulton (in the streets of Glasbury, Wales, UK)
Juan Pablo Plazas Sáenz (in the streets of Sint Gilles, Brussels, Belgium)
Sophie Hadjipapa (at a carpark, Plati, Nicosia, Cyprus)
Maya Felixbrodt (in the street, Vienna, Austria)
Zoe Balasch (in the streets of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)
Johanna van Overmeir (near the Schelde, Antwerp, Belgium)

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over the sea

two men walking and discussing authenticity, islands and the other side

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June 30 - July 1, 2018
TheParallelShow GrandeFinale
NP3 Groningen (NL), Geylight-Projects Brussels (BE), Pictura Dordrecht (NL)

30 June - 1 July, 10.00 - 17.00:
NP3, Hofstraat 21, Groningen (NL),
Greylight Projects, Rue de Brialmont 11, Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode, Brussels (BE),
1 july, 20.00: public diner at Pictura, Voorstraat 190, Dordrecht (NL).

TheParallelShow GrandeFinale is a project for improvised performance. It will take place on Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July at two different locations: bur0 Gr0ningen, the white cube of NP3 in Groningen (NL) and the chapel of Greylight Projects in Brussels (BE).
The weekend will finally end with a performative public dinner at Pictura, Dordrecht (NL).

On Saturday 30 June at 10.00 two groups of performers will start working simultaneously in Groningen and in Brussels. The doors will be opened for visitors from 10.00 till 17.00.
While the performers are working a video will be recorded and streamed in real-time to the other location where it is projected on a wall. These projected video images ensure that there is a mixing of physically and virtually present performers and visitors.
After the doors closed, the two groups of performers will travel to the other locations to work there the second day during the same hours.

On Sunday at 17.00 all performers will leave for Dordrecht (about half way between Groningen and Brussels), where they are invited to a public dinner in Pictura at 20.00. Visitors are welcome to join the meal. During the dinner a performative conversation might take place.

Participating artists: Alexia Karavela (GR), Steef van Lent (DE), Mr & Mrs Gray (NL), ieke Trinks (NL), Emma Waltraud Howes (CA / DE), Andrew McNiven (UK), Marnik Neven (BE), Jolanda Jansen (NL), Elia Torrecilla (SP), Malou van Doormaal (NL) and Frans van Lent (NL).
The entire project will be documented in descriptive and / or contemplative texts by Sjoerd Westbroek (NL) and Michiel Huijben (NL). The dinner will be composed, prepared and presented by Marielle Verdijk (NL).

The project is kindly supported by the Municipality of Dordrecht and by the participating organisations.
All parts of the project are accessible free of charge.

TheParallelShow GrandeFinale is part of Unnoticed Art.

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You are cordially invited
to the presentation of the book


on Sunday 22 April at 15:00
in the auditorium of the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

TheParallelShow was a series of impromptu performances of occasional collaborations of performance art practitioners.
Between July 2015 and January 2017 TheParallelShow took place unexpectedly at and around public exhibitions in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam (NL), Naturalis Leiden (NL), M-museum Leuven (B), Tate Britain London (UK), Art-Rotterdam Art fair Rotterdam (NL), the Apollo Sanctuary Delphi (GR), Huis van Gijn Dordrecht (NL), IVAM Valencia (SP), Stasi Museum Berlin (D) en Met-Cloisters NewYork (US).
TheParallelShow was never announced, no invitations were sent.
The book TheParallelShow consists of  a preface by Frans van Lent, personal reports of the participating artists,
two e-mail exchanges (Andrew McNiven / Lisa Skuret, Ieke Trinks / Frans van Lent) and a brief review by Henk Overdevest.
Added is an appendix of 12 pages with photos, made by participants during the various occasions.Participants in TheParallelShows were: Peter Baren, Karina Beumer, Jeroen Bouweriks, Irina Danilova, Daniela Degen, iwbdjdyatmvezdmnekzawvb, Mr. & Mrs. Gray, Timo van Grinsven, Alexia Karavela, Erin Helsen, Emma Waltraud Howes, Jolanda Jansen, Ienke Kastelein, Frans van Lent, Steef van Lent, Andrew McNiven, Joana Mollà, Marnik Neven, Henk Overdevest, Nico Parlevliet, Jello Reumer, Ellen Rodenberg, Pepe Romero, Rafael Sanchez, Maarten Schepers, Ursula Scherrer, Joshua Schwebel, Lisa Skuret, Elia Torrecilla, ieke Trinks, Gijs Velsink, Ventiko.During the presentation a performance will take place:
Visual works by Verbal means
a compilation of texts of participants recited by ieke Trinks, Ienke Kastelein, Peter Baren and Frans van Lent. Project and book were initiated en compiled
by Frans van Lent within the framework of Unnoticed Art.
The book is published by Jap Sam Books.


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April 14, 2018
De Plint

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January 20, 2018
A Scene #10

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, at exactly 14:20 CET, three persons (Jane Martin in London, Frans van Lent in Rotterdam and Josh Schwebel in Berlin) will start calling each other incessantly. The ringing will go on but every call will be pushed away, no connection will be made. The calling will stop at 14:35 CET.

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The book TheParallelShow will be published in February 2018 by Jap Sam Books.
If you would like to be invited for the presentation, please fill in your name.

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December 9, 2017
Churches No.1
music and performance in the Trinitatiskapel
with DOOXS, Ieke Trinks, Boys, wbdjdyatmvezdmnekzawvb,
Crying Boys Cafe, Maask and Frans van Lent.

Vriesestraat 20-22, Dordrecht (NL)
free entrance, doors open: 19:00,
Churches No1 is a cooperation between Bibelot and Dordrechts Museum.

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December 1-December 16, 2017
Urban Emptiness Nicosia

A Performative Walk 2
Performance project 

A performative walk as the base, as the method and as the outcome of a process of leading and following. The work is a series of five successive daily group walks. 

Every walk starts at the same place and at the same time of the day.
Initially we repeat the route of the day before and then any participant can, at any moment, speed up to the front position and guide the group into another chosen direction. During the walk there is no discussion, nobody speaks, all decisions are made by moving faster or slower.
The walk ends when the group returns at the starting point.

A Performative Walk 2 takes place from December 2 to December 6, every day 18:00 at Municipal Market, Nicosia (CY).
A Performative Walk 2 is part of Urban Emptiness Nicosia 2017.

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November 18, 2017
A Scene #9

On Saturday, November 18th, 2017, at exactly 14:20 CET, I will enter a department store at Hoogstraat 185 , Rotterdam (5155.2323,N,00428.9270,E).
I will walk straight on to the menswear department and will select three jackets. I will go to a fittingroom and try on the three jackets.
The first jacket will not fit my size, the second jacket will not fit my taste, the third one will not fit my budget.
I will then return the jackets to the clothes racks and leave the store without spending any money.

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November 5 - December 17, 2017
Salon der Leden

Opening: November 4, 17.00

Voorstraat 190
The Netherlands
Open: Wed - Sun: 13.00-17.00

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October 29 - November 26, 2017
kann weg
Vestische Künstlerbund

Opening: October 28, 18.00

Kutscherhaus Recklinghausen
Willi-Brandt-Park 5,

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B O O K  P R E S E N T A T I O N  A N D  P E R F O R M A N C E

You are cordially invited at the presentation
of the book The Swap in Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
on Sunday October 22 at 15.00.
The book The Swap documents the installation
that was shown in Pictura earlier this year.

The book will be published
in a numbered edition of 100 copies.
You are welcome to choose your own number.
If appreciated the artist will provide your book
with a black inked thumbprint.

Simultaneously the work Aandacht
will be executed from 15.00 till 16.00.
Aandacht (Attention) is a performance carried out by three persons
in the surroundings of the Pictura building.
It is best watched from the Foyer and through the window.

Voorstraat 190-192

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October 22 - November 26, 2017
Views on Landscapes
with Lynne Leegte, Lon Robbé, Frans van Lent, Bas Ketelaars.

Opening: October 21, 16.00

Reuten Galerie
Prinsengracht 510

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October 6 2017, 20.00
Denial as the Leading Principle

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July 21, 2017
Call Again

On Friday 21 July 2017 I will be walking somewhere in the South of France. Call me between 13.00 and 14.00 (CEST). I will not answer your call but instead I will make a photo of what I am looking at on that specific moment. I will then send this photo to the number that showed up on my phone. To you.

Please write me for my telephone number.

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June 16, 2017
A Scene #8 A/B

A  Scene #8A
On Friday June 16, 2017 I will travel from Dordrecht to Breda by train. At exactly 14:20 CET I will enter the T-Huis, John F. Kennedylaan 15, Breda, (51.59127340000001 4.78122350000001). I will take a seat and order a mint tea and a piece of applepie. I will read my newspaper, drink my tea, eat my pie. At 15:00 I will ask for the bill and pay the waiter. I will then fold my newspaper and walk into the park.

A Scene #8B (by Johanna van Overmeir)
On Friday June 16, 2017 I'll travel from Antwerp to Breda by train. At exactly 14:20 CET I'll enter the T-Huis, John F. Kennedylaan 15, Breda, (51.59127340000001 4.78122350000001). I'll take a seat, order a coffee, a glass of tap water and a piece of cake. I'll draw in my sketchbook, look at the park, drink my coffee, eat my pie and drink my water. At 3PM I'll ask the bill and pay the waiter. I'll close my sketchbook, go to the restroom and walk into the park.

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May 26-June 9, 2017
Apprentice Master exhibition #19:
In closeness of matter

When we approached ground level
we ran out of energy
matter became matter
found it's final destiny
from: tales of Ecafrus

Opening: May 26, 19:00
Vonderweg 1, Eindhoven (NL)

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May 20 - May 25, 2017
Unnoticed Art at Platforms Project 2017

Unnoticed Art is presented at Platforms Project 2017
Keep in touch through our website
Every day one hour of Realtime Radio!

Cultural Centre
Charilaou Trikoupi 121,
Athens 11473,

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May 11, 2017
Artist talk at St. Joost Academy, Breda (NL).

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Zaterdag 6 mei, 20:30 uur
Voorstraat 190-192, 3311 ES Dordrecht
Toegang: vrij.

Het Bos en de Zalen
een avond met voordrachten, performances en gesprekken
rondom het thema presentatie en representatie.
Deze avond wordt georganiseerd in het kader van de tentoonstelling
The Swap van Frans van Lent. 

Wouter Huis
Bas Ketelaars
Frans van Lent
Hans van Lunteren
Ieke Trinks
Stefan Wouters

U bent bij deze gelegenheid van harte uitgenodigd!

KleineZaalZuid, deel van de installatie The Swap © Frans van Lent 2017

The Swap (de verwisseling) is een fotografisch project dat is gebaseerd op de maat en vorm van de tentoonstellingszalen van Pictura. De plattegrond van de zalen werd (1 op 1) overgebracht naar de Brabantse Biesbosch. Op basis van die, in de juiste kompasrichtingen, uitgezette plattegrond, heb ik ter plaatse een serie foto's gemaakt, die als een installatie in de zalen worden geëxposeerd. De plaatsing van elk van de fotografische prints komt overeen met de locatie van de opnamen. Op deze manier ontstond er een directe fysieke verbinding tussen het oorspronkelijke uitgangspunt en de tentoonstelling.
The Swap is nog te bezoeken tot en met 14 mei.

NB: De tentoonstelling wordt alleen verlicht door middel van het binnenvallend daglicht. Wilt u voor aanvang van Het Bos en de Zalen eerst nog de tentoonstelling bekijken, dan is het raadzaam vroeg te komen.
De zaal is al geopend vanaf 13:00 uur.


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April 30 - May 28, 2017
Distant Light
Final presentation of a two month working period of Bas Ketelaars at IK Foundation.
Bas invited me to show three of my video works as part of his exhibition.
Opening: Sunday April 30, 12:00 AM by Antoinette Reuten (Reuten gallery Amsterdam).

Stichting IK
Vlissingsestraat 239 a
4388HC Vlissingen (NL)

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May 26 - June 11, 2017
Apprentice Master #19:  In Closeness of Matter
at TAC
Vonderweg 1
5611 BK Eindhoven (NL).

© AH

Frans Van Lent with:
Pol Veldhuizen
Gloria Panova
Anita Horváth
Lidyann van der Wolf

Opening: Friday 26 May 2017 19h30
Apprentice Master is a project by Kunstpodium-T, Tilburg (NL).

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April 15, 2017
A Scene #7: One hour in sixty minutes

On Saturday, April 15th, 2017, at exactly 14:20 CET, I was standing on Stationsplein, Rotterdam (51 ° 55'24 "N 4 ° 28'13" E), facing Central Station.
One minute later I started to move very slowly in an arc to the right to walk a circle with a diameter of about six meters.
One hour later, at exactly 15:21, I was back at the starting point and closed the circle.
I then entered the railway station and left.

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April 8 - May 14, 2017
Project The Swap
Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
Opening: Saturday April 8, 05:00 PM
At the opening a performance with Steef van Lent.

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March 17, 2017 - ...
The End...
group show with Jan Barel, NIGHTSHOP, Ton van Dalen, Bas Damme, Tabe Hemmes, Michiel van der Zanden, Frans van Lent, Florine van Rees, Niek Westendorp, Ton Kraayeveld, Remty Elenga, Erik Sep, Johan van Oord & Nico Parlevliet.
Sbk Dordrecht,
Voorstraat 180, Dordrecht (NL)

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March 7, 2017
The fabric, stretched-out
Presentation and group performance within the program:
Where do we meet: How (not) to be seen?
peer group Class of 17
Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art,
Rotterdam (NL)

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February 5 - April 9, 2017
Group show with: Han Hoogerbrugge, Anouk Griffioen, Abner Preis, Marie Civikov, Willem Besselink , Niels Post,Kim Hospers and Justin Wijers.
Studio Seine,
Mathernesserdijk 323A
Rotterdam (NL)

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November 21, 2016
An interview with Brairnard Carey on Yale University Radio WYBCX.


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October 5, 2016
Belgium Performance Festival, VUB, Brussels (B)

Performance KK II

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August 27 -  August 28, 2016
MOVING IMAGES/Comrades, let’s learn to shoot!
Buitenplaats Koningsweg 23A,
Arnhem, Netherlands.


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June 24 - June 25, 2016
Unnoticed Art Festival #2
Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Performance 'Attitude' by Kees Koomen (2014)                                                                   photo: Nico Parlevliet

The Unnoticed Art Festival is a festival for unnoticed live art and took place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The Unnoticed Art Festival balances on the line between public and private. It shows artworks hiding in normality. The language, used to express the works, fits in the average social behaviour in public space and, because of that, remains unnoticed to bystanders.
Creating the concepts and executing the works are split. The artists sent their concepts more or less as manuals. In the festival the chosen works will be carried out by a group of volunteers.

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Pictura Award 2015 for the work 30/9-16.35
Pictura April 8 till May 14, 2017: Swap, solo show Frans van Lent.

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May 17, 15.00
Performance Damp at the opening of
Twee Stemmen
an exhibition of Andrea Radai

R&R Reuten Galerie

Prinsengracht 510s
1017 KH Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Open: Wednesday – Saturday, 16.00 – 18.00.

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The Conceptbank Festival Package
In the spring and summer of 2015 TheConceptBank will be present at various festivals. Sometimes it will show up as officially invited participant, but most of the time it will be unnoticed as every other paying guest. At strategic spots on the terrain we will create a mobile office to share our performance concepts freely with the interested public. We have the aspiration to get as many works performed as possible.

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April 2, 2015
Jacket: A Juried Video Art Showcase
Crisp-Ellert Art Museum
St. Augustine, Florida.


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May 17 - May 18, 2014
Unnoticed Art Festival
Haarlem, Netherlands,

© Theun Okkerse

The Unnoticed Art Festival is a festival for unnoticed live art and took place in an undisclosed Dutch city. The Unnoticed Art Festival balanced on the line between public and private. It showed artworks hiding in normality. The language, used to express the works, fit in the average social behaviour in public space and, because of that, remained unnoticed to bystanders.

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March 8 - March 31, 2014
R&R Reuten Galerie
Prinsengracht 510s
1017 KH Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Open: Wednesday - Saturday, 16.00 - 18.00.
Performative opening: March 8, 16.00-18.00. blog with a report of the opening (in Dutch).

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March 15 - March 16, 2014


The work 'Cours' (2013) will be on show at
Open Atelierroute 2014
Museumstraat 65
3311XP Dordrecht
the Netherlands

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February 27 - March 29, 2014
Yoko Ono Fan Club
UB Art Gallery
Center for the Arts
Buffalo, NY

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January 26, 2014
Performance Damp @ Finissage 'Fuck Focus'-show
Keileweg 26
3029 BT Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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November 22,  2013
VHS-festival marathon
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Open: 19.00.

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Salon der Leden

November 16 - December 15,  2013
Salon der Leden
Voorstraat 190 - 192
3311 ES Dordrecht
The Netherlands
Open: Wednesday - Sunday, 13.00 - 17.00.

Video: Talk / Erase

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November 10 - December 16,  2013
Reuten Galerie
Prinsengracht 510s
1017 KH Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Open: Wednesday - Saturday, 13.00 - 18.00.

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