The work of Frans van Lent can be described as a concept-driven research process which is guided by personal experience. Little or no material products are created during the work. Sometimes, an audio recording, or video, or some photographs remain, but very often a work ends in just a text, in which the process is described. These texts evoke an image, with which to make the process concrete, palpable and imitable. 

A presiding formal aspect to most of these works is a symmetry in time, a beginning and an ending: a process starts with nothing and ends again with nothing. An activity has taken place, an image has been created, and it has also disappeared.

Collaboration with others artists and the curating of events are important and consistent aspects of his artistic practice. In 2014 and 2016 he organised the Unnoticed Art Festival in the cities of Haarlem and Nijmegen. In 2015 he initiated TheConceptBank.org, a free online database for performance scores. Frans van Lent is initiator and editor of the website UnnoticedArt.com, and co-initiator/curator of 222lodge. He published two books, Unnoticed Art (2014) and TheParallelShow (2018), distributed by Jap Sam Books.

Frans van Lent studied Art Education at the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg
and  completed his MA in Fine Art at MaHKU in Utrecht.
From 2000 to 2020 he has taught at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.
He lives and works in Dordrecht, the Netherlands and in Hautefort, France.

Public presentations (2000~2024) :

2024 De Verplaatsing, Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
2024 Equinox – Same but Different, March, Hof, Dordrecht (NL)
2023 Elementen, StichtingKunstWerkt, Schiedam (NL)
2023 2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2+1, Studiobuilding Singel 222, Dordrecht (NL)
2023 Someplace else, Intercity, with Adrian Wood, Out-of-Site, Chicago (US)/Rotterdam (NL)
2023 Equinox – Same but Different, September, Hof, Dordrecht (NL)
2023 Door de heg, B.A.D., Rotterdam (NL)
2023 Equinox – Same but Different, March, Hof, Dordrecht (NL)
2022 The Pictura Prijs 2022 was awarded to the work Untitled (2021)
2022 De Leegte, performance festival & expo, Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
2022 By Way of Detour, Borgerstraat Studios, Rotterdam (NL)
2021 La Biennale de Momon Symposium, Dordrecht (NL)
2021 STRE!FEN, performance festival, Görlitz-Zgorzelec (GE/PL)
2021 Residency, AADK, Murcia (SP)
2021 2nd Nieuwstraat Festival, Dordrecht (NL)
2021 The Human Landscape (solo), Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche, Alacant (SP)
2021 Waterdicht, Ode aan het Landschap, Fort Maarsseveen (NL)
2021 alles gaat door (solo), Studio Seine, Rotterdam (NL)
2021 Screening My Pandemic Year, Worm, Rotterdam (NL)
2021 Mirrored – Photo Performance, MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre, Helsinki (FI)
2021 La Biennale de Momon, https://momon.fr.
2020 Nieuwstraat festival, Dordrecht (NL)
2020 EN NU, Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
2020 Festival Performance Mínimas Urbanas en vídeo (SP)
2020 A chair as any other, What Remains festival, DfbrL8r, Arc Gallery, Chicago (USA)
2019 PiPe performance festival, Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
2019 Rules to Play By, The Flow Gallery, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO (USA).
2019 Mêkh-web, Quartair, Den Haag (NL)
2019 De Nacht, performance, Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
2019 The Nature of Things, Studio Seine, Rotterdam (NL)
2019 Mnemonics (with Susana Mendes Silva), Hangar, Lisbon (PT)
2019 Art D ‘Cicle d’Art Accio (with Eila Torrecilla), Valencia (SP)
2019 Residency at Hangar, center for artistic research, Lisbon (PT)
2019 Het Binnenhuis, performative installation, …Ism Project Space, Den Haag (NL)
2018 Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale II, Badisher, Morni Hills, Panchkula, Haryana (IN)
2018 Open Performance Academy | Art Science Hunger, Worm Ubik, Rotterdam (NL)
2018 PROPS Performance Art Weekend, Gent (BE)
2018 Rules To Play By, the Flow Gallery, St. Louis, MO, (USA)
2018 TheParallelShow GrandeFinale, NP3 Groningen (NL), Geylight-Projects Brussels (BE)
2018 TheParallelShow, book presentation/performance, Kunsthal, Rotterdam (NL)
2018 De Plint, with Saskia Meesters, Dordrecht (NL)
2017 Urban Emptiness Nicosia, Nicosia (CY)
2017 Salon der Leden, Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
2017 kann weg, Vestischer Künstlerbund Recklinghausen, Recklinghausen (DE)
2017 Views on Landscapes, Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2017 Apprentice/Master (Kunstpodium-T), TAC, Eindhoven (NL)
2017 The Swap, Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
2017 ???, Studio Seine, Rotterdam (NL)
2017 TheParallelShow#10, The Met Cloisters, New York (USA)
2016 TheParallelShow#9, Stasimuseum, Berlin (GE)
2016 TheParallelShow#8, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, Valencia (SP)
2016 Belgium Performance Festival,’How to document a performance’, VUB, Brussels (B)
2016 Code Rood, Sonsbeek ’16: ‘MOVING IMAGES/Comrades, let’s learn to shoot!’, Arnhem (NL)
2016 Unnoticed Art Festival #2, Nijmegen, (NL)
2016 Performative installation Nachtplaats., Buitenplaats Koningsweg, Arnhem (NL)
2016 TheParallelShow#2 – #7, Leiden (NL), Leuven (BE), London (GB), Rotterdam (NL), Delphi (GR), Dordrecht (NL),
2015/2016 Baracca: Inside Job, various locations,
2015 TheConceptBank Festival Package, Wereld van het Witte de WithKwartier, Rotterdam,(NL),
2015 The Pictura Prijs 2015 was awarded to the work 09/30 – 13:35
2015 The ParallelShow#1, with Ieke Trinks, Ienke Kastelein, Kunsthal, Rotterdam, (NL),
2015 TheConceptBank-presentation, Wolfart, Rotterdam, (NL),
2014 Unnoticed Art Festival Symposium, Pictura, Dordrecht, (NL),
2014 Unnoticed Art Festival, Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, (GE),
2014 Unnoticed Art Festival, Haarlem, (NL),
2014 ‘Inframince’, installation, Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam, (NL),
2014 Performance ‘Damp’, EX-MÊKHBuroRotterdam, Rotterdam, (NL),
2013 ‘Vides Void’, Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam, (NL),
2013 ‘Look on the Bright Side’, Galerie Sanaa, Utrecht, (NL),
2013 ‘Once More..’, Lokaal 01, Breda, (NL),
2013 ‘Baracca: Ritual and Practice’, Bureau Rotterdam, Rotterdam, (NL),
2012 ‘Kunstvlaai’ with Baracca and with MaHKU, Amsterdam, (NL),
2012 ‘Crossing’ with Andrea Radai, Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam, (NL),
2012 ‘Re:Rotterdam’ Art Fair, Rotterdam, (NL),
2012 ‘Lens Based’, Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam, (NL),
2011 ‘Baracca: Altar’, Gemak, the Hague, (NL),
2011 2011 ‘Art Amsterdam’, Reuten Gallery, RAI, Amsterdam, (NL),
2011 ‘Low Lives 3’ International Festival of Live Networked Performances,
2011 ‘Crossing’, Filmtheatre Cinode, Dordrecht, (NL)
2010 ‘Tapetenwechsel’, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Dordrecht, (NL).
2010 ‘Exist-ence 3’, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane, (AU).
2010 ‘Breakers’, 38CC, Delft, (NL).
2010 ‘Exist-ence 2’, White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane, (AU).
2009 ‘Huis Clos’, Reuten Galerie, Amsterdam, (NL).
2009 ‘Das Chaos ist immer und ueberall’, G.A.S-station, Berlin, (GE).
2009 ‘A Book About Death’, Emily Harvey Foundation, New York, NY, (USA).
2009 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, (NL).
2009 Contemporary Art Screen Zuidas, Amsterdam, (NL).
2008 VHS-festival #15, Kunst&Complex, Rotterdam, (NL).
2008 Canariasmediafest 08, Gran Canaria, (SP).
2008 ‘Here, there and Anywhere”, Meinblau E.V./Akademie der Kuenste, Berlin , (GE).
2008 ‘Aan het werk 5’, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Dordrecht, (NL).
2008 21. European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck, (GE).
2008 ‘Straight Lines’, Pictura, Dordrecht, (NL).
2007 ‘Moving images in public space’, Virtual Museum Zuidas, CASZuidas, Amsterdam, (NL).
2007 ‘Am Rande, Installationen und Videoarbeiten’, Pyramide, Berlin, (GE).
2007 Grenzwachturm Schlesischer Busch (Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben), Berlin, (GE).
2007 12th International Media Art Biennale WRO 07, Wroclaw, (PL).
2007 Galerie 32-34, Amsterdam, (NL).
2006 Onetakefilmfestival, Zagreb, (CR).
2006 De Einder, Sala d’Exposicions del Govern, (AN)
2006 Artist in residence, Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin, (GE).
2006 ‘Facts.figures’, MOP projects, Sydney, (AU).
2006 ‘Straight Lines’, Kunstonderneming Oosterkade, Groningen, (NL).
2005 ‘Des Choses simples’, Théâtre de la Photo, Nice, (F).
2005 ‘De Einder’, project POACH, De Hollandse Biesbosch/Pictura Dordrecht, (NL).
2004 ‘De Einder’, project DOOR, La Forge, centre for contemporary arts, St. Colombe sur l’hers, (F).
2004 ‘MUUR’, installatie, Kunstkerk, Dordrecht, (NL).
2004 ‘aan het werk 3’, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Dordrecht, (NL).
2004 ‘Landschap en figuur, werk uit de collectie’, Dordrechts Museum 2004, Dordrecht, (NL).
2002 Galeria Les Punxes, Barcelona, (SP).
2002 ‘Homenatge a Pilar Riberaygua’, Galeria Pilar Riberaygua’, Andorra la Vella, (AN).
2002 ‘Bosc’, La Forge, centre for contemporary arts, St. Colombe sur l’hers , (F).
2002 ‘Presence’, Pictura, Dordrecht, (NL).
2002 ‘aan het werk 2’, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Dordrecht, (NL).
2000 Spaced out, Dutch photography and video, Cemeti, Erasmushuis, Jakarta, (IN).

Earlier public presentations (1980~2000) :

1998 North Sea Black Sea, Municipal Art Museum, Varna, (BG)
1998 Vals Licht, Appelboom/Mouvance, Saint-Setiers, (F)
1998 5 kunstenaars in vereniging: Mitano, Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht (NL)
1998 L’Intérieur Anarchique, met hans van Arkel, Centre Culturel de la Visitation, Perigueux (F)
1996 Na Scheffer, Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht (NL)
1995 Fotofeis, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen (UK)
1995 La Viscosité du Mélange, Galerie Segaar, Dordrecht (NL)
1995 Impulsen 5, with Peter Bogers, CBK Dordrecht, (NL)
1995 Reprise, with Peter Bogers, Fotomania, Rotterdam (NL)
1994 Galerie Segaar, Dordrecht (NL)
1994 Peri Centre of Photography, Turku (FI)
1993 Galeria Fotokram, Jyväskylä (FI)
1992 Solo Picturaprijs, Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
1991 1st Picturaprijs (1991) was awarded to the work Stil
1991 Ministerie van W.V.C., Rijswijk (NL)
1991 De Beeldende Foto, De Librije, Zwolle (NL)
1990 Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
1990 Galerie Fotomania, Rotterdam (NL)
1989 ‘Frans van Lent, vijf werken’, Dordrechts museum, Dordrecht (NL)
1989 ‘Beelden van Vuur’, Mitano, Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
1989 Fotomania, Kunst-Rai, Amsterdam (NL)
1989 Culturele Raad Zuid-Holland, The Hague (NL)
1988 Galerie W.P., Rotterdam (NL)
1987 Mitano, CBK, Dordrecht (NL)
1987 Schefferfonds, Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht (NL)
1987 Galerie Fotomania, Leiden (NL)
1987 ‘Vier kunstenaars uit Dordrecht’, CBK, Rotterdam (NL)
1987 Galerie Perspektief, Rotterdam (NL)
1986 Perfo Festival, Rotterdam (NL)
1986 Galerie Donguy, Parijs (F)
1986 Zelfbeeld, Canon Galerie, Amsterdam (NL)
1985 ‘Image Nueva’, Galeria Spectrum, Zaragoza (SP)
1984 ‘Amsterdam Foto 84’, Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam (NL)
1980 -1985 Atelier 00, joined studio with Peter Bogers and Bert Verwijs, Dordrecht (NL)
1980 Interror, performance with Peter Bogers, Lokaal 01, Breda (NL)