The book TPSGF (2019)
The book TheParallelShow (2018)
The book The Swap (2017)
The book Unnoticed Art (2014)
The book Crossing (2011)
The book LOOP (2004)
The book Frans van Lent, fotowerken 1992-1994 (1994)

Texts (free downloads):
Interview with Frans van Lent, by Margarida Oliveira for Umbigo Magazine
About A Scene #23: Acceleration, notes on how to plan a work
What Remains at DFBRL8R , a review by Mána Taylor Hjörleifsdóttir, Chicago IL
A Chair as Any Other, text performance at Arc Gallery, Chicago IL
Het relief van de stad, a report on a residency (in Dutch) (2019)
No Show for an Audience, interview by Maria Martens Serrano (2017)
Interview by Brainard Carey, Yale University Radio WYBCX, New York NY (2016)
The Unnoticed Art Festival #1, interview by Domeniek Ruyters (2015)
Three Positions (2014)
Drie Posities (2014)
A Crossing in five stages by Lucette Ter Borg (2011)
Walks/Wandelingen by Gerrit Willems (2004)