Route de la Petite Forêt

in Northern and in Southern direction.
10 February 2024, 13:50 (CET)

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A 7.4 km circular walk,
ascending and descending,
through woods, across fields,
over asphalt, through grass, dead leaves,
over gravel, through mud and puddles.
Maumont  (F)
26 January 2024
Stereo sound file

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Please watch the video full screen with sound on.

The camera moves along four paths at a junction in the forest near Hautefort, France.
At the same time, through a phone call A describes what they observe
as they simultaneously make the same movement at the intersection of two roads in Chicago
during the morning rush hour.

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Points of view

The treetops in the forest,
downwards from above
and upwards from below.

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Someplace else

Someplace Else is a durational walk for two performers in two very different places. Adrian Wood and Frans Van Lent take a walk in their respective cities - Chicago, IL and Rotterdam, the Netherlands – taking turns calling one another to report their surroundings. While one reports what they/he sees, hears and smells from standing still in their location, the other walks and listens. They trade off, creating a rhythm of phone calls that punctuate the durational 90 minute sound walk performance.

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Sky between us

We were facing each other,
500 kilometres apart,
simultaneously filming the sky between us.

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24 hours

14/15 June 2023

For 24 hours, I drove an improvised route,
with a 10-minute break every hour,
eventually arriving back at the starting point.
The total distance was 892 kilometres.

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Llauro, France
May 2023

Click on the images to enlarge.

On the same day,
I took the same walk twice.

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6 June 2023

During a train journey,
I sat at a window.
I voiced what I saw outside,
and recorded it with a sound recorder.
On the return journey,
I sat in the opposite seat, wearing headphones
and as I looked outside,
I listened to the reversed audio file.

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Looking at the lens of the camera.
And by doing that I was looking at myself,
as yet hidden in the future.

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La Têt 2: Rope

Perpignan (F)
10 May 2023
in collaboration with Martine Viale

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La Puebla de Castro, Spain
14 May 2023

From the trees overhanging the path came the sound of a nightingale.
I recorded the sound with my phone and then played it loudly.
The nightingale responded and sang a duet with its own captured song.

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Pantà de Sau, Spain, 
May 2023

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Slate and cork

Llauro, France
11 may 2023

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I found a random composition of logs under a sawn-off tree
and accurately mirrored the arrangement.

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Matter and mind

Bernina (CH)
April 5 2023.

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During a train journey from St. Moritz to Zermatt, across the Alps, I wrote continuously for eight hours.

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The places we were

On 24 July 2018, while walking in the Perigord, I had phone conversations with friends about the places we were at the moment: The places where we are (or would like to be). During these talks, we sent each other pictures of our surroundings.
For me, this occasion connected the conversations to the specific places; they became inextricably linked.
I cannot walk past these places now without thinking of the person I was talking to there, and of the conversation we had.

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La Loue

Walking the river.
An audio portrait composed of sound recorded at a series of locations,
further and further downstream.

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Mingle 2

Hautefort, France.
1 January 2023
14:00 - 16:00

I called you. We didn’t speak.
Our phones were connected for 60 seconds, the speakers at full volume.
The sounds of our surroundings mingled, somewhere between us.

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Between Rotterdam and Breda
8 December 2022.The train ran from A to B in sixty minutes.
During that time, I walked from the back to the front of the train.

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De Leegte

For about 20 minutes,
I stood motionless in three different spots in a room.

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Between Düsseldorf and Munich
23 October 2022.
In a train,
running at high speed,
I moved as slowly as possible.

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An hour of continuous writing*,
my feet in the water.

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As I woke up this morning,
at the same time as yesterday,
I decided to try the day all over again:
same walk, same meal, same read.

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Script of a walk (no breaks)

This walk took place on 16 September 2022,
over a distance of 8.4 km and lasted 126 minutes.

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I invited friends
to make a ten minute long audio recording
of someone close sleeping.

In editing I superimposed the recordings
as layers into one combined file,
a document of collective intimacy.

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On a walk in the forest, I stopped at an intersection.
I turned around and, looking through my binoculars,
I imagined myself walking on the path behind me a moment earlier.

Then I turned back again and, looking at the path in front of me,
I imagined myself walking there a moment later.

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The Virtual Reality

I sit in front of a map and a notebook.
I look at the map and in my mind I follow a path I have walked many times before.

I imagine the walk in real time. I make notes of what I pass, of what I might see and of the directions I follow.
It takes 42 minutes, just as long as it takes me to actually walk the route.

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In the light of the full moon

In the light of the full moon
I took a picture
of a stone and a little sand
on a piece of black cotton.
Maumont, July 13, 2022

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La Têt

Perpignan (F)
18 June 2022
In collaboration with Martine Viale.
We stand motionless facing each other on both sides of the river, at the boundary of the water. Our spread arms confirm the direction from which the water comes and to which side it flows.

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To Hiroomi

Click to enlarge

As a friendly gesture to Hiroomi Horiuchi,
I walked and recorded the first hour of the route
from my home in Maumont, Hautefort, France
to his home in Kichijōji, Musashino, Tokyo, Japan.

June 12, 2022

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A chain

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Hautefort, France
I drove my car to the castle and parked at the top of the hill.
I left the car, picked up a pebble (1) and walked down the hill. At the fork, I dropped the pebble and picked up a dandelion leaf (2).

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For three days, the studio was open to the public from 11:00 to 19:00.
This means the artworks were left alone sixteen hours a day .
With no one around, the works have no need to interact,
they are simply objects without meaning, like any other.

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In the morning I walked into the woods, carrying an audio recorder.
After a while, I stopped and listened to the sounds around me.
I pressed the record button.

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Crossfaded stereo sound recording
of the first 15 minutes of sunrise at 8:20 AM (left channel)
simultaneously with
the last 15 minutes to sunset until 17:57 AM (right channel).

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45° 15′ 00″ N 1° 06′ 19″ E

I am here.
I call a friend and she answers the call.
Via a video connection I lead her through the scenery
and I describe in words what we are looking at.

My description structures the first few minutes of our conversation.
After that, our talk meanders naturally in all directions.

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Merging spaces

in collaboration with Elia Torrecilla

Two simultaneous improvised sound walks in the streets of Valencia (Spain) and Badefols d'Ans (France).
Sounds were created through the improvised use of everything we encountered while walking.
The continuous exchange of the live sounds over the phone allowed for immediate feedback and reaction.

Both recordings were superimposed in the editing process,
and retained their own stereo structure,
making them part of a shared sound space.

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Click on the photo to enlarge.

I am standing in a field in southwest France.
My phone is in front of me in the grass.
A is standing in a field in southeast Scotland,
with his phone to his ear.
Our phones are connected.

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At the Río Segura I filled a glass with water, and  I walked up the mountain.
I stopped at a spot from where I had a clear view at the valley and the river below.
With the glass in my hand, I bent down slowly and repeatedly,
synchronised with the rhythm of my breathing.
With each bending movement, water spilled from the glass onto the ground.
The work was finished when the glass was empty.

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Empathic exercise

I walked beside the river,
adjusting constantly my steps to the speed of the current.

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Along the Segura,
I walked upstream
carrying two 5-litre containers of drinking water.

Blanca, Spain
10 November 2021

Related to:
Up Stream (2016)

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Stone and ball

From the street the artist throws a stone into the gallery,
from the gallery the curator throws a ball into the street.

Performed on 6 November, 2021 
at FantastikLab, Valencia, Spain.
Curator: E.Torrecilla.

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Memory Allocation

In the Parque De Las Cuevas (38° 10′ 36″ N 1° 22′ 06″ W) in Blanca, Spain, there is an empty semi-circle of sand measuring about 60 by 30 metres. At the outer edge of the semicircle are ten benches, arranged in groups of four, two, three and one. The benches face the centre of the space. Between and beside these groups of benches, there are five straight walkways, which are directed towards the centre like radials. The Rio Segura runs along the flat side of the semicircle.

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A Scene

A Scene #32 - #1
On this website and on Facebook I announce small events that will take place at a certain location and at a certain moment in the near future.
Everybody is invited to be at the exact spot at the exact time to contribute to the scene with his/her own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

A Scene #32: back and forth
30 October, 2021.
I am standing on a bridge over the Río Segura in Ojos (38° 08′ 58″ N 1° 20′ 22″ W), Spain.
At the same time, G. is standing on another bridge over the Río Segura, in Blanca (38° 10′ 46″ N 1° 22′ 41″ W), 7 km upstream. Our phones are on speakerphone and the volume is on maximum.

At 2.20 pm (CEST) I call G.
She picks up. We don't speak a word, but keep the line open.
We point our phones down at the fast-flowing water under the bridges.
Ten minutes later, at 2.30 pm, we disconnect.

In collaboration with Giuli Grippo.

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Watching waters flow

while travelling in a southerly direction:

seven times ten minutes
standing in a frozen position
arms beside my body,
watching waters flow.

Blanca, Rio Segura

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Route de Maumont

Participation to La Biennale de Momon.

Route de Maumont
For most of us, Maumont proved to be an impossible destination. We had to approach it by means of just our imagination. Knowing the village for so long, I created a walk to show the real Maumont from a distance in seven photo positions. As soon as we can travel again, we could walk this route to emphasize and celebrate the long unattainable heart of our project.

Download a pdf of the route in your language to use offline on your mobile:


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Untitled (2021)

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Nycthemeron shows the course of a rowboat through the canal around Fort Maarsseveen.
In 24 consecutive hours, 24 fragments of the tour were rowed and captured on video.
The accumuluated time is 10’24 minutes, which is the time it takes
to row around the fortress in one continuous run.
The video was played in an endless loop.
Nycthemeron is a one-screen installation,
presented at Fort Maarsseveen during the Waterdicht-project (July 3 - September 26, 2021).

Video of the work: Nycthemeron
In this online presentation, the video is playing 3 times in a row (31'11 min. )
camera: Steef van Lent

Nycthemeron is related to:
L’espace vingt-quatre heures (2020) and
24 hours (2023).

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photographic print

Text line:
After taking this picture, I went to where the horizon touches the right-hand side of this work.
From there I walked to the left, to where the horizon touches the left-hand side.
Walking this line took 19 minutes and 24 seconds.

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Leave was a performance, ending in a series of photographs.
During a walk, in private and public space, I focussed on leaving places.

I avoided experiencing my movements as arriving at a place.

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for an hour
I walked with my camera
its size is 10 x 14 x 15 cm
its weight is 1.021 gr
I carried it in my hand.

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Shared darkness

In collaboration with Manuela Macco

15 minutes
We are standing
at different locations
in shared darkness.

Biella, IT. - Dordrecht, NL.

After two try-outs (1 December, 4 January),
we carry out the work every first night of six consecutive months,
from 12:00 a.m. till 12:15 a.m. (USC+1), starting March 1, 2021.

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What is left

Walk a straight line of 100 steps,
walk 90 steps in the opposite direction,
reflect on what is left.

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an ongoing series of exercises

On a balcony in Recklinghausen (photo Ton Kraayeveld)

1.  For 15 minutes I stood on a balcony at the first floor of a hotel in Recklinghausen, Germany. My face toward the East, my arms beside my body.

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L'espace vingt-quatre heures

I walked around the village 24 times in 24 successive hours.
I captured all walks on video.
I merged 24 fragments, 1 fragment of every walk,
into one combined video.

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I measure my body temperature.
I wait until the outside thermometer shows about the same value.
I find a wind-free spot in the shade and imagine my body is skinless.

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3 Nocturnal walks

Three recordings of public silent walks:

On July 22, 2020, from 4:30 till 5:30 AM, I made a silent walk in the city of Dordrecht.
I named the audio recording after Adri, with whom I made my very first silent night walk 50 years ago.
The audio recording is an unedited realtime track.

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West wind

I am standing on a windy beach in Hook of Holland, Netherlands.
By text message I contact a friend who is walking in Bond street, Brooklyn, NYC.
I ask him to turn up the volume of his phone as loud as possible. I then call him.
We don’t speak a word but we let the buffeting wind noise of my phone
sound through that street on the other side of the ocean.

Thanks to Ed Woodham.

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I invited twenty artists to make a ten minutes long audio recording of Silence.
Each one of them decided where, how and in what conditions they wanted to do this.
I superimposed all submitted recordings as layers into one combined file.

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¿Cuánto es 1km?

This day, May 2, 2020, the first day after a 40-day Corona-quarantine, residents of Spain will be allowed to go out for sporting or hiking on fixed time slots. This is only permitted within a radius of one km from home.
The Spanish government opened a website ( where residents can find exactly what this means concerning their own situation.
On this website I discovered where a comparable circle would reach, starting from my home in the Netherlands, in case our government applied the same rules.
Elia Torrecilla and I agreed to take a parallel walk.

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Call III

Some time ago I published an open invitation to call me on Friday, May 1, between 1 PM and 2 PM (CEST).
That first day in May I walked in a rural area in the southwest of the Netherlands.
When the phone rang I did not answer the call. Instead I took a picture of what I was looking at on that moment.
I then sent that picture to the number that appeared on my phone. I sent 48 photos.

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Two 30 minute digital audio recordings of the North Sea,
made simultaneously (16:00 UTC, 23.04.2020)
on the East coast of Scotland, (56° N.);
and on the West coast of the Netherlands (52° N.).
Synchronised and mixed together into one stereo file.

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A Chair as Any Other

performed at the
February 22, 2020
DfbrL8r, ARC Gallery,
Chicago, IL

For nine years the red folding chair was a defining object in the DfbrL8r-archives.
In those years the chair was used in at least five performances of different artists.
I decided to find it a new home, to take it away from the spotlights
and to bring it to a place where it could lose its artistic background
and become the mundane object it was meant to be.

In the performance I read a text explaining the process and results.

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At the start of the performance, the attendees are asked not to take any photos or videos.

A square of 200 cm by 200 cm is plotted on the wall with masking tape. The enclosed space is then painted with the same whitewash the walls were previously painted with. When the painting is finished, the masking tape is removed and the floor is cleaned of any spilled paint.
It is still possible to distinguish the square, but as the paint dries, the square will fade and merge with its surroundings.
The attendees leave when all traces have disappeared.

Two sides of a door

On either side of a closed door, two people hold the handle. They do not move the handle, just hold.
After a certain time one of the two pushes down the handle and opens the door.
The second steps aside and makes way.

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An exercise in symmetry

with Elia Torrecilla

We were both walking in unspecified areas.
We called each other and we kept our phones close to our ears.
We did not speak but listened for 30 minutes, synchronised our rhythms.

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Pain location

Maumont, July 2019

Thirty days in a row I walk the same route through the village.
Every time I approach one specific location, I try to imagine a headache.
After passing that location, the headache should fade away.

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De Nacht

Voorstraat 190, Dordrecht (NL)
September 14 - October 20, 2019

The performance De Nacht (The Night) is not an imagination of the night, it is the night itself. The group exhibition De Salon in Pictura was visited at midnight, in darkness. The exhibited art lost its stories, turned into silent dark objects, into silhouettes.

The front door was opened every Sunday night at exactly 24:00. Whoever was waiting outside was invited to come in. The door then closed again.
The exhibition was visited in silence. 

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The walk I did not walk

Today I walked in the field.
After every ten steps I turned around and took a picture.
When I returned to my studio, I reversed the order of the pictures.

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Please don’t touch! I’ll come and fix it as soon as possible

Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives
Toussaintkade 55, Den Haag (NL)
20 September-11 October, 2019

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A Myopic Street View

a collective visual research project for 3 to 15 participants.

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Hof (start), Dordrecht, Netherlands
1 September, 2019 ~

The work Synchronize consists of a walking route and an mp3 file.
While walking the route you need to wear headphones or earphones to listen to the mp3. Follow the walk as carried out earlier, and synchronize with the sound of the walking feet.

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Hautefort, France
Saturday, 20  July, 2019
14:00 - 17:30,

I called you. We didn't speak.
Our phones were connected for 60 seconds, the speakers at full volume.
The sounds of our surroundings mingled, somewhere between us.

Witold Van Ratingen, Tuulikki Raatikainen, Antoinette Reuten, Trudy Kunkeler, Almudena Millán, Greig Burgoyne, Han Hoogerbrugge, Theun Okkerse, Susana Mendes Silva, Ove Lucas, Johanna Van Overmeir, Axel Themmen, Jello Reumer, Eduarda Estrella, Paz Ezcurra, Andrew McNiven, Manuela Porceddu, Per Bos, Saskia Meesters, Henrik Vestergaard, Peter Van Lent, Lisa Skuret, Bruno Leitão, Jan Barel, Steef Van Lent, Ienke Kastelein, Maarten Janssen, Geerten Ten Bosch, Nico Parlevliet, Jan Zobel, Jan Okkerse, Jany Twigt, Pepe Romero, Petra Laaper, Anja De Jong.

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Mercado de Santa Clara, Lisbon (P)
June 18, 2019

Today I went to the flea market.
I took the main street and walked through it in a straight line.
On my right, I picked up objects, turned them over,
inspected them thoroughly and put them back on the tables.

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a project in collaboration with Susana Mendes Silva

Hangar, center for artistic research
Rua Damasceno Monteiro, Lisbon (P)
June 28, 2019

The project Mnemonics started with a suggestion of curator Filipa Oliveira to the artists to meet each other, since their activities and points of view seemed to have many overlaps. After a first meeting, they decided to work together
and the collaboration started with an exercise:

Two car journeys on two consecutive days. The two events had to be as much alike as possible. They had to take place at the same time, on the same route and with the same conversations as accurately as possible.

This exercise led them to the subject of the construction and deconstruction of personal memory. How can memories lead to a journey and how can a journey lead to memories?
The human mind as a fluidly changing field of encounters.

The performative presentation of the project took place at Hangar on June 28, 2019

photo © Mnemonics

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(with Elia Torrecilla)
Centro del Carme Cultura Contemporania, Valencia (E)
May 25, 2019

The Centre del Carme consists of two architectural constructions from very different eras. It concerns a Gothic passage and garden and a Renaissance passage and garden, connected by a single transfer room. In this performance, Elia Torrecilla and Frans van Lent looked for the numerical relationship between themselves as moving individuals and the architectural construction.
Within the passage in the Gothic part, the walk was guided by a series of loudly spoken numbers with the fixed proportions of the Golden Ratio. It was set up by a predefined formula and realized according to its logical consequences.
Within the Renaissance monastery the walk was improvised on the basis of simple geometric compositions, with the architectural structure as the leading framework. In this part the audience was asked to participate, resulting in a spacial cacophony of loudly spoken numbers.

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Hortus Botanicus

the feet are tied to the ground, thoughts travel freely

On Tuesday, May 21 2019, from 12:00 noon to 12:15 PM, I stood motionless and silent
in a field in the Jardim Botânico (N 38° 43' 4.8'' W 9° 8' 52.9'') in Lisbon.
I faced North, my eyes closed.

At the same time Daniel Pinheiro stood motionless and silent
in a field in the Jardim Botânico (N 41° 9' 6.905" W 8° 38' 36.193") in Porto,
facing South, his eyes closed.A link to the tumblr-page Daniel Pinheiro made of the work.

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Het Binnenhuis

…ism project space, The Hague (NL)
March 14/15, 2019
19:00-23:00 h.

Het Binnenhuis (The Interior) is a transition zone between the public and the private,
a territory in which some spaces are closed and others are temporarily opened. 

In the performative installation Het Binnenhuis the spatial structure of a house is inhabited for two nights by 16 performers. The performers are not aiming at a theatrical spectacle but they are staying in an atmosphere of domestic reality, according to common rules for specific rooms. Their movements are by and large predefined, and worked out in improvisations.

During the two nights everybody was welcome. The visitors were asked not to behave as an audience, but as guests in a private home. They were part of the work and as such free to stay, within the limitations of the social context.

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Short-term memory

This morning we drove out to the fields.
We stepped out of the car and started to walk.

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A Performative Walk #5

performance project
27 November, 2018
Dordrecht, Netherlands

A performative walk as the base, as the method and as the outcome of a process of leading and following.

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A Dinner with Guillaume

23 November, 2018
Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale II
Healing Hill Art Space
Morni Hills (Badisher), Haryana, India.

I was invited to create a work for the curatorial program When Words Become Situations
In the framework of the Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale II. 
I invited the responsible curator Guillaume Dufour Morin to join me for dinner.
I asked him to choose the menu and then I prepared the same dishes.

photos © Frans van Lent & B Ajay Sharma

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In my hands I hold two camcorders.
I set both cameras to record. I hand one camera to a person (A). I ask him to film me, while following me.
I walk to a second person (B), hand him the second camera and again ask him to film me, while following me.
I turn to person A, ask the camera back and then hand it to another person (C) while giving her the same instruction. I walk to person B, ask back the camera and hand it to another person (D) while giving him the same instruction.
This process of swapping, walking and filming goes on for about 15 minutes.

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Two Walks in the Same Direction

On Wednesday, August 22, 2018, at 2 pm (CEST), Elia Torrecilla and Frans van Lent started walking in north-westerly direction. Elia Torrecilla walked in the area of Altea, Spain (38°36’19.7″N 0°02’28.3″W) and Frans van Lent walked in the area of the Biesbosch, the Netherlands (51°48’34.8″N 4°46’38.0″E). Alternately they sent each other photos of their locations and by doing so they turned these two separate walks into one shared experience.

The walks lasted about 1 hour and 24 photos were sent.

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The places where we are (or would like to be)

July 24, 2018

For this work I proposed to colleagues and friends that we held a (private) telephone conversation about The places where we were (or would like to be). We arranged for each call to take place on specific time slots on July 24th.  During a daylong walk in the Perigord, I called each of the participants at the agreed time and we talked a few minutes about the places where we were at that moment. During this conversation we sent each other photos of our surroundings (WhatsApp), creating an instant mix of both visual worlds.

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Over the sea

two men walking and discussing authenticity, islands and the other side

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The Swap

Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
April 8-May 14, 2017

The Swap was an installation based on the measurements and layout of the exhibition rooms of Pictura. This work was realised by plotting the rooms’ floor plans in identical sizes and compass points in natural reserve De Biesbosch.
A series of photographs was taken inside the projected floor plans and life-size prints were placed in the corresponding rooms in Pictura. This provided a tangible and physical connection between the Pictura rooms and the site in De Biesbosch.
No artificial light was used in the exhibition rooms.

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Call Again

On Friday 21 July 2017 I was walking near Ste. Orse in the Dordogne department in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, southwestern France.
I published an invitation to call me on that day between 13:00 and 14:00 (CEST).
When the telephone rang I did not answer the call but instead I made a photo of what I was looking at on that moment. I then sent the photo to the number that showed up on my phone.

I got 42 calls and sent 42 photos.

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A Separated Song for Separated Lovers

The quality of physical separation is blurred by contemporary media.
This experience of separation can also celebrate your love,
can make you feel more intensely bonded.
Restore the harmony to be separated not only in space but also in time.
Make a small poem, a song or a gesture.
Write this in a letter to your lover.

Then both of you recite, sing or perform this
at the same hour, but in your local time zone.

(concept #078 in the Collection

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The Fabric, stretched

A group of people leaves for a walk. One person (familiair with the area) takes the lead and decides which direction the group should goes. During the walk nobody speaks.
The participants gradually slow down and distance themselves more and more, but without losing sight at (at least) one of the others. Eventually the group comes to a halt, the front person chooses when exactly that is. At that moment everyone records his or her exact geographical location.

After one or two minutes the group slowly starts moving again and returns to the starting point. but through a different route. The walking speed increases gradually and the distance between the participants becomes smaller and smaller, until, at the starting point, the group is back in its original position.

The recorded locations will be collected and marked on a collective map.

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The London Stone

On December 18, 2016, at 15:00 GMT we, Alisa Oleva, Irina Danilova and Andrew McNiven and Frans van Lent, met at 111 Cannon Street, London, UK .

We established that the building, that protected the London Stone for so long, is now in a process of demolition.
The London Stone is temporarily displaced to the Museum of London.

Each of us looked for a small piece of stone or a pebble on the pavement.
When we found a stone, we put it in our pocket and we left for a walk to the museum of our personal choice:

-Alisa walked to the Institute of Contemporary Arts (exhibition: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016).
-Andrew walked to the British Museum (exhibition: Museum Collection, Egyptian section).
-Irina walked to the Museum of London (exhibition: 'Pleasure Gardens', media installation).
-Frans walked to the Tate Britain (exhibition: Turner Prize 2016).

When we arrived, each of us entered the museum and unnoticeably added the stone to the chosen exhibition.

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A Parallel Walk

On October 12, at 15:00 CEST I left my home in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, and walked in a western direction. At exactly that same moment Elia Torrecilla left her home in Valencia, Spain, and walked in a western direction.
When Elia changed direction (left or right) she texted me and I followed that direction as soon as possible. When I changed direction, I texted her and she followed me. We synchronised our walks as precise as possible.

Our Parallel Walk ended around 16:00 CEST, very close to the points of departure.

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Up stream

Today at 02:20 PM a bucket of water was poured out in a sink in Rotterdam, Netherlands (51.918613, 4.488538).
At exactly that time in Oranienburg, Germany (52.684269, 13.266830), a bucket was filled with water from a tap.

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Upstream (2021)

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On Saturday 23 July 2016 I was walking in Forêt Barade, near Rouffignac in the South of France.
I published an invitation to call me on that day between 13:00 and 14:00 (CEST).
When the telephone rang I did not answer the call but instead I made a photo of what I was looking at on that moment.
I then sent the photo to the number that showed up on my phone.

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Back Words

At the end of a conversation,
repeat that same conversation backwards.
stop at the beginning.

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a performative installation

In the forest, one hour before sunset:
On the ground, within a square of 4 to 4 meters,
Four persons take away leaves, branches and layers of soil.
All material is put into numbered white bags and then carried away, out of the forest.

At sunset (21.23 hrs) the forest is deserted.
An empty dark square between the trees.


At sunrise (05.48 hrs) the four persons return, carrying white bags.
They start filling the empty square with material from the bags, but in reversed order.
The last bags contain the top layer: the leaves and branches.
Using photographic prints as a reference, the square is restored to its original shape.

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One Minute of Silence

In various public occasions I asked people around to join me
in One Minute of Silence.
I did not mention any reason or special occasion.
If somebody asked, I pretended not to hear it.

We were silent for silence itself.

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