The Journey

The journey as a performative residency

In this project, I consider the displacement in itself a ‘residency’.
The starting point was clear; the end will only be the conclusion of a process.
The journey is not the metaphor of a work, but it is a work in itself,
as a composition in time and space.
There is often no clear geographical destination,
there is only the intention to be on the move.

As part of this project, I make impromptu walks, car rides and train journeys.

24 hours

14/15 June 2023

For 24 hours, I drove an improvised route,
with a 10-minute break every hour,
eventually arriving back at the starting point.
Drawing of the GPS track on a satellite photo.The drive started in Dordrecht (NL) on June 14, 2023 at 10 pm
and ended on June 15, 2023 at 10 pm.
The total distance was 892 kilometres.

24 hours is related to the works:
L'espace vingt-quatre heures (2020) and
Nycthemeron (2021).

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6 June 2023

During a train journey,
I sat at a window.
I voiced what I noticed outside,
and recorded it with a sound recorder.
On the return journey, I sat in the opposite seat,
with headphones on
and as I looked outside,
I listened to the audio file in reverse.

Mono digital audio file, reversed fragment of 60:00 min

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au Grand Pont

Saint Jean de Muzols, France
May 2023

Wading upstream through the river Doux,
towards the old bridge, Grand Pont.
4K video with sound,
20.31 min.

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Passing, three parts

Saint-Symphorien, France,
May 20234K video, with sound.
03.27 min.

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La Puebla de Castro, Spain
14 May 2023

From the trees overhanging the path came the sound of a nightingale.
I recorded the sound with my phone and then played it loudly.
The nightingale responded and sang a duet with its own captured song.

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Pantà de Sau, Spain,
May 2023
Click on the image to enlarge.


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Slate and cork

Llauro, France
11 may 2023

Click on the image to enlarge.

In a landscape of slates and cork oaks
I took a walk.

During the walk
I kept a piece of cork in my left hand,
and a piece of slate in the right hand.

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Llauro, France
May 2023

Click on the images to enlarge.

On the same day,
I took the same walk twice.

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La Têt 2: Rope

Perpignan, France
10 May 2023
in collaboration with Martine Viale

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We both hold the rope. It connects our attention.
We see each other, we see the water .
The rope in our hands follows the current,
it churns and turns, it pulls.
It leads and guides the movements of our walk downstream.

HD-video, with sound, 14:53 min.
Video and video still by Max Wyse.

La Têt 2: Rope is related to the work
La Têt (2022)

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Bonin, Lac de Panneciere, France
May 2023

Click on the images to enlarge.
I found a random composition of logs under a sawn-off tree
and accurately mirrored the arrangement.

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Bertogne, Belgium,
May 2023

A microphone,
on the boundary between air and water,
slightly touching the surface of the stream.

One-screen video installation,
video loop, 12 min., with sound.

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April 2023During a train journey from St. Moritz to Zermatt, across the Alps
, I wrote continuously for eight hours.
Not to record the trip in a text, but to internalize my observations and reflections through writing.
The notes were not meant to ever be read back. After I wrote them, they lost their importance.

Anchor is related to the works Streams (2022) and Short-term memory (2019).

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Matter and mind

Bernina (CH)
April 5 2023.

Click on the image to enlarge.Photos taken during a train journey across the Alps.

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Teutoburg Forest, Germany
March 2023
Hermannshöhe is a one-take real-time video recording of a picturesque spot in the Teutoburg Forest.
In the background, the artist remains audibly present.

4K-video with sound.
40:14 min.
(watch in fullscreen)

The work Hermannshöhe is related to San Juan (2010) and Idle (2013).

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La Loue

Excideuil, France
February 2023

Walking the river.
An audio portrait composed of sound recorded at a series of locations,
further and further downstream.

Stereo digital audio file

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Between Rotterdam and Breda
8 December 2022

The train ran from A to B in sixty minutes.
During that time, I walked from the back to the front of the train.
The train ran from B to A in sixty minutes.
During that time, I walked from the front to the back of the train.

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Between Rotterdam and Venice
October 2022

A compilation of nine audio tracks,
recorded with a contact microphone
in several trains on a trip from Rotterdam to Venice.

Mono digital audio file.

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Between Düsseldorf and Munich
23 October 2022.

In a train,
running at high speed,
I moved as slowly as possible.

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Script of a walk (no breaks)

This walk took place on 16 September 2022,
over a distance of 8.4 km and lasted 126 minutes.
I walk east, across the tarmac. After forty steps I pass two barns. I follow the road, down the slope, turning slightly to the left. At the bottom, I turn right onto another road, almost in the opposite direction. On the left is a large cushy grass field, on the right a hill. About 100 steps further, I turn left onto a path of gravel and crushed stone. The path bends slowly to the right and uphill. I pass another path on the right, covered in grass, but walk straight ahead. After a swampy area on the right, I see a rampart behind which is a lake. The path on which I walk meanders on, alternately ascending and descending. I walk on and between the trees I see that the lake ends. Then, after a few metres of bushes, the second lake begins. I continue on the path, downhill and come to a fork in the road. I follow the gravel path to the left, past the third lake. The path rises again, branches off to the left and leads to a fork a little further on. I now take the path to the right, along the edge of the forest. To my right is a field, glowing in the sunlight. After a while, the path I walk on runs into the forest. It is cooler here. After sixty steps, the path bends to the right, past a flowing spring on my left. A little later, the forest ends and to the left of the path is a hedge of trees in front of a meadow. To the right is just open land. After walking for a few minutes, I see an empty old farmhouse between the trees. On the bare walls is canvas tarpaulin. I follow the path further to the left and up, and at a junction I turn left again into another stretch of forest. The path here is formed of clay and filled with dry leaves. My footsteps sound different, dry, rustling. On the left side of the path is a neglected meadow, with bushes and some big old trees. The path is fairly flat here, only starting to rise again a little further on as it bends off to the right. To the left and right are orchards with walnut trees. After about five minutes, the path ends at an asphalt road. On the road, I turn left and walk in the direction of a village some distance away. On both sides of the road is fields of grass. On the left cows are grazing, on the right there is nothing. Walking into the village, I first pass a large manicured garden, after that houses on both sides. At a distance, I hear the sound of a brushcutter. Very close by, a small dog in a garden barks at me. The road goes straight through the village and continues between walnut trees. After a few minutes is a stop sign at a junction. I turn left and pass an old farmhouse. Past the farmhouse, I turn right and walk towards the motorway. The road surface is full of cracks. The heat of the sun I guess. The road goes up and the landscape in front of me is smoothly mown grass and rolling. The road ends between two houses by a junction at the motorway. When no cars are approaching, I quickly cross. On the other side, the road continues in the same way, as if the motorway has only cut a piece out of it. On both sides are walnut orchards. There is no wind, silence everywhere. The road continues in a straight line and some time later I enter a village. The first building is the farm to which the orchards probably belong. Then some country houses and gradually the rest of the village. Before approaching the centre, I turn right onto a rising road, which leads to the next village. Now and again a car or a tractor passes by. Nothing else happens. I feel like I am moving in a frozen landscape. A steep road takes me to the next village where it is just as quiet. Like a ribbon, the road winds between the houses. I cross a junction and head up an old path. Along the side stand two disused dovecotes, an old shed. Rounding a large tree, I turn left and climb up a grassy path. At the top, I have a view of the landscape and try to follow the trail all the way back to where I started.

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