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Passing, three parts

Saint-Symphorien, France,
May 20234K video, with sound.
03.27 min.


La Puebla de Castro, Spain
14 May 2023

From the trees overhanging the path came the sound of a nightingale.
I recorded the sound with my phone and then played it loudly.
The nightingale responded and sang a duet with its own captured song.

Slate and cork

Llauro, France
11 may 2023

Click on the image to enlarge.

In a landscape of slates and cork oaks I took a walk.

During the walk
I kept a piece of cork in my left hand,
and a piece of slate in the right hand.

La Têt 2: Rope

Perpignan, France
10 May 2023
in collaboration with Martine Viale

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We both hold the rope. It connects our attention.
We see each other, we see the water .
The rope in our hands follows the current,
it churns and turns, it pulls.
It leads and guides the movements of our walk downstream.

HD-video, with sound, 14:53 min.
Video and video still by Max Wyse.

La Têt 2: Rope is related to the work
La Têt (2022)


Bonin, Lac de Panneciere, France
May 2023

Click on the images to enlarge.
I found a random composition of logs under a sawn-off tree
and accurately mirrored the arrangement.


Bertogne, Belgium,
May 2023

A microphone,
on the boundary between air and water,
slightly touching the surface of the stream.

One-screen video installation,
video loop, 12 min., with sound.


April 2023During a train journey from St. Moritz to Zermatt, across the Alps
, I wrote continuously for eight hours.
Not to record the trip in a text, but to internalize my observations and reflections through writing.
The notes were not meant to ever be read back. After I wrote them, they lost their importance.

Anchor is related to the works Streams (2022) and Short-term memory (2019).