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Slate and cork

Llauro, France
11 may 2023

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In a landscape of slates and cork oaks
I took a walk.

During the walk
I kept a piece of cork in my left hand,
and a piece of slate in the right hand.


Llauro, France
May 2023

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On the same day,
I took the same walk twice.

La Têt 2: Rope

Perpignan, France
10 May 2023
in collaboration with Martine Viale

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We both hold the rope. It connects our attention.
We see each other, we see the water .
The rope in our hands follows the current,
it churns and turns, it pulls.
It leads and guides the movements of our walk downstream.

HD-video, with sound, 14:53 min.
Video and video still by Max Wyse.

La Têt 2: Rope is related to the work
La Têt (2022)


Bonin, Lac de Panneciere, France
May 2023

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I found a random composition of logs under a sawn-off tree
and accurately mirrored the arrangement.


Bertogne, Belgium,
May 2023

A microphone,
on the boundary between air and water,
slightly touching the surface of the stream.

One-screen video installation,
video loop, 12 min., with sound.


April 2023During a train journey from St. Moritz to Zermatt, across the Alps
, I wrote continuously for eight hours.
Not to record the trip in a text, but to internalize my observations and reflections through writing.
The notes were not meant to ever be read back. After I wrote them, they lost their importance.

Anchor is related to the works Streams (2022) and Short-term memory (2019).


Teutoburg Forest, Germany
March 2023
Hermannshöhe is a one-take real-time video recording of a picturesque spot in the Teutoburg Forest.
In the background, the artist remains audibly present.

4K-video with sound.
40:14 min.
(watch in fullscreen)

The work Hermannshöhe is related to San Juan (2010) and Idle (2013).

La Loue

Excideuil, France
February 2023

Walking the river.
An audio portrait composed of sound recorded at a series of locations,
further and further downstream.

Stereo digital audio file