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What is left

Walk a straight line of 100 steps,
walk 90 steps in the opposite direction,
reflect on what is left.

Body (not) Urban in Action

My video work Nieuwstraat will be part of the 2nd edition of the
Festival Internacional de Performances Mínimas Urbanas (Confinadas) en Vídeo
curated by Elia Torrecilla

Dates and places will follow!

an ongoing series of exercises

On a balcony in Recklinghausen (photo Ton Kraayeveld)

-For 15 minutes I stood on a balcony at the first floor of a hotel in Recklinghausen, Germany. My face toward the East, my arms beside my body. Continue reading

La Biennale de Momon
January – June 2021

Cooperative project with: Sarah Boulton (GB), Marc Buchy (FR/BE), Joan Heemskerk (NL), Frans van Lent (NL), Susana Mendes Silva (PT), Josh Schwebel (DE/CA), Lisa Skuret (US/GB), Elia Torrecilla (ES), Martine Viale (CA/FR).

Maumont is a small village in the Perigord in France. It consists of 15 houses, around 30 inhabitants and there is no church, shop, café or other public facility. Only a few original residents are still living in the village; most of them died over the years, others left to live elsewhere. Today many inhabitants are pensioners coming from other (Western European) countries. Twenty years ago you could still smell the farms everywhere. Herds of cows and sheep were led through the village every day. Nowadays you mainly see quads, mountain bikes and parents, leading their children on donkeys.
The village has changed from a place where everything was related to soil, work, growth and the seasons, to a place where the inhabitants mainly stroll, relax and dream. Continue reading

Festival of the Smallest

Open Call:

We are looking for the smallest, the quietest, the least, the narrowest, the lightest, the shortest, the slightest, and the thinnest. If your work can hardly be perceived with the eye, with the ear, with the mind, but is still undeniably there, then we would like to show it, one way or another.
We don’t want to predefine a format. It may be part of an exhibition, a night or a magazine. It depends on what you come up with…
But whatever it is that you send us, please do it before the deadline:
October 1, 2020 at 23:59 (CET).

Festival of the Smallest
Singel 222
3311 KV Dordrecht

The forest

I walked through the forest,
I picked up some small stones from the path.

I studied each of them carefully, turned it around, over and over,
I determined the size, the shape, felt its weight in my hand. Continue reading

L’espace vingt-quatre heures

I walked around the village 24 times in 24 successive hours.
I captured all walks on video.
I merged 24 fragments, 1 fragment of every walk,
into one combined video. Continue reading


I measure my body temperature.
I wait until the outside thermometer shows about the same value.
I find a wind-free spot in the shade and imagine my body is skinless.
Continue reading

A new blog:
free zone for real people

I invite artists to show one work that was not shown before.
So far the blog shows works of Martine Viale and Annie Abrahams.