About A Scene #23: Acceleration
(Published on Facebook a day after the performance)

The structure was very simple and sculptural: an acceleration in one continuous line, from running, to cycling, to driving.

As in almost every Scene, passers-by will be without prior knowledge, nothing of a predetermined design will be recognizable. People just walk and cycle and drive cars and no one ever wonders why and whereto.
But there may be some people among the passers-by who did read something about the plan, who are aware of the order of events, and who decided to participate in the scene through their own parallel plan. I have no knowledge of this and will not recognize their actions, among all other movements.

Even though the performance consists of a very minimal structure, numerous actions did take place to make this acceleration possible in all its simplicity. The actual process is formed by a series of necessary activities and events, that are not part of the actual public performance.

This is what happened:
I planned the date, made publicity around it, announced it on my website and on social media. On June 27, 2020, I left home at 12:30 PM, put my bike in the car. To make space, I first took some things out of the car and temporarily stored them at home. I stepped in the car and drove to the Blaak in Rotterdam. I parked the car (13:10), took the bicycle out of the boot, cycled to the Beursplein and there I attached the bicycle to a pole with a chain.
I then walked back to the car, got in and drove to the Wilhelminaplein. There I looked for a parking lot, I parked the car, left it and entered the metro station. I had forgotten to take my public transport card with me, so I had to enter the station illegally, I had to ask someone to go together with me through the turnstile.
In the metro I pulled my shirt up over my mouth and nose, as I had also forgotten a protective mask.
At the Stadhuis station I got off the train and again went together with someone (unasked now) through the turnstile, to leave the station. Up the stairs on the street, I walked from the station to Hofplein and turned around until I was facing Coolsingel.
I waited 10 minutes until it was exactly 2:00 PM,
the performance started.