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Frans van Lent

Pain location (exercise)
Momon, July 2019

Thirty days in a row I walk the same route through the village.
Every time I approach one specific location, I try to imagine a headache.
After passing that location, the headache should fade away. Continue reading

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La Biennale de Momon

This project will take place in July 2020.
Maumont is a small village in the Perigord in France. It consists of 15 houses, around 30 inhabitants and there is no church, shop, café or other public facility. Only a few original residents are still living in the village, most of them died over the years, others left to live elsewhere. Today most inhabitants are pensioners coming from other (Western European) countries. Twenty years ago you could still smell the farms everywhere. Herds of cows and sheep were led through the village every day. Nowadays you mainly see quads, mountain bikes and parents, leading their children on donkeys. The village has changed from a place where everything was related to soil, work, growth and the seasons, to a place where the inhabitants mainly stroll, relax and dream.

Momon is the old (Occitan) name of the village, no longer in use since the French name ‘Maumont’ was chosen. For me, the name Momon is the village as it exists in the mind. It is no longer physically linked to the location, but it is linked to memories, coloured by nostalgia.
On the other hand the place is still what it always has been: earth remains earth and stone remains stone. The Biennale de Momon starts from there but the physical village will only be used as a starting point. Not by changing anything but, on the contrary, by keeping it the way it is, by maintaining continuity. 
The project is about the thin line between two sides of reality, mass and energy: air touches the earth, the sun moves over the land. Objects are illuminated, heated and perceived but not changed.

The project might consist of texts, scores, routes, images and sounds, everything that can live online without actually touching the physical ground. In the village there will be no objects that refer to the project, apart from a sign with the web address. 
La Biennale de Momon will be approachable online only. Of course you can choose to visit the actual village (phone in the hand), but without expecting to see something different than what it always was, a small village in the Perigord.

For this occasion I have invited seven artists with different artistic approaches, but with a certain preference of creating work without a material body, without physical traces. Their names will be published soon.

Already for 28 years we own a small house in the village; we witnessed a lot of changes and we were of course also part of those changes. We offer the participating artists the opportunity to use the house for a week in the first half of 2020, to get acquainted with the environment, the village, the residents.
In July, as a vernissage, we will invite all inhabitants of the village, to have a meal in our house, while we present them  the (online) works of La Biennale de Momon. 
They know the area very well, so through them the artist’s contributions will be confronted with the physical reality of the village. 
For that specific occasion we decided not to invite the artists, to prevent the focus to move away too much from the actual village to their artistic representation.

Some time after the summer we plan to organise a small public conference in the Kunstmin theater in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. This conference will also be called La Biennale de Momon. We will invite all participating artists to this occasion, to meet each other and to talk about their work. Also we intend to invite some other professionals with a possible relation to the subject. I am thinking about actors, writers, journalists, scientists.
Please visit for updates.


A Scene #20 – #1

On this website and on Facebook I announce small events that will take place at a certain location and at a certain moment in the near future.
Everybody is invited to be at the exact spot at the exact time to contribute to the scene with his/her own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

A Scene #20
On Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 2:20 PM (CET) I will be standing in the aisle of a flying Boeing 767-300, between the Netherlands and Iceland.
With my eyes closed, my arms beside my body, I will for 15 minutes contemplate the enormity of the ocean below.
In memory of Antoinette Reuten.

A Scene #19: Doubts
On Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 2:20 PM (CEST) I was in the middle of a field at Ons Park, Feijenoordstraat, 3071 LN Rotterdam, (51 ° 54’53.5 “N 4 ° 29’50.4” E).
I considered the direction where I came from and I considered and reconsidered where to go from there.
When I made a decision, I left in the chosen direction.

A Scene #18
On Thursday October 24, 2019 at 10:00 (CEST) I was standing on the jetty at Fondamenta de le Zattere ai Gesuati, Venice, Italy (N45.42914814482034  W12.326794266700745), waiting for the first boat to bring me to the other side of the water: Giudecca Palanca (N45.42678386442304 W12.325501441955568). While waiting I was facing the jetty at the opposite side.
Once on the boat I was standing at starboard and I looked out over the waters in north-western direction.
When the boat moored at Giudecca Palanca I left the boat but I stayed on the jetty, waiting for the first boat to bring me back to Zattere. While waiting I was facing the jetty at the opposite side.
Back on the boat I was standing at starboard, looking out over the waters in south-eastern direction.
At Zattere I left the boat and walk away.

Continue reading

Pictura Performance Festival
21 November – 15 December
Voorstraat 190
3311 ES Dordrecht (NL)

Performances every Saturday
with: a.o.
222lodge shows a continuous presentation of:
Urban Body in Action
curated by Elia Torrecilla and Miguel Molina,

Saturday December 14, 15:30
Performance: Vierkant
and during this day
TheConceptBank will be open
to all sorts of transactions.

An ongoing series of exercises:
for a certain time I stand without moving and focus my attention upon the position of my body.

On a balcony in Recklinghausen (photo Ton Kraayeveld)

-I stood for 15 minutes on a balcony at the first floor of a hotel in Recklinghausen, Germany. My face toward the east, my arms beside my body.
-I stood for 15 minutes on a rocking jetty on the river Beneden Merwede, Dordrecht, the Netherlands. My face toward the north-east, my arms beside my body.
-I stood for 15 minutes next to a tree. My face toward the south, my arms beside my body.
-I stood for 15 minutes in a public toilet in Tilburg, the Netherlands. My face toward the wall, my arms beside my body.
-I stood for 15 minutes at the front door of a closed art venue. My face toward the door, my arms beside my body.
-I stood for 15 minutes in the aisle of a train, driving from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. My face toward the north-east, my arms beside my body.
-I stood for 15 minutes in front of the painting ‘
Composition nr. IV, with red, blue and yellow’ of Piet Mondrian. My face toward the painting, my arms beside my body.
-I stood for 15 minutes in a forest, listening to the sound of hunting guns. My eyes closed, my arms beside my body.

Schau mal Erika
Vestischer Künstlerbund RE
Kutscherhaus Recklinghausen
Willy-Brandt-Park 5
45657 Recklinghausen (D)

26 October – 24 November 2019
Opening: 26 October, 6 PM

De Nacht
Voorstraat 190, Dordrecht (NL)
September 14 – October 20, 2019

The performance De Nacht (The Night) is not an imagination of the night, it is the night itself. The group exhibition De Salon in Pictura was visited at midnight, in darkness. The exhibited art lost its stories, turned into silent dark objects, into silhouettes.

The front door was opened every Sunday night at exactly 24:00. Whoever was waiting outside was invited to come in. The door then closed again.
The exhibition was visited in silence.  Continue reading

The walk I did not walk.

Today I walked in the field.
After every ten steps I turned around and took a picture.
When I returned to my studio, I reversed the order of the pictures. Continue reading