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A 7.4 km circular walk,
ascending and descending,
through woods, across fields,
over asphalt, through grass, dead leaves,
over gravel, through mud and puddles.
Maumont  (F)
26 January 2024
Stereo sound file

To Hiroomi

Broadcast Radio Worm

Pictura 1992

Performance preparation

Reading a statement,
accompanied by, and pushed away by,
a musical composition
based on the same rhythmic structure.

with Casper van Nugteren (musical score and bassoon)
and Cees Brunt (electric guitar).

Pictura, Dordrecht, NL
SD-video with sound,
06:38 min.


Please watch the video full screen with sound on.

The camera moves along four paths at a junction in the forest near Hautefort, France.
At the same time, through a phone call A describes what they observe
as they simultaneously make the same movement at the intersection of two roads in Chicago
during the morning rush hour.
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Someplace else

Someplace Else is a durational walk for two performers in two very different places. Adrian Wood and Frans Van Lent take a walk in their respective cities – Chicago, IL and Rotterdam, the Netherlands – taking turns calling one another to report their surroundings. While one reports what they/he sees, hears and smells from standing still in their location, the other walks and listens. They trade off, creating a rhythm of phone calls that punctuate the durational 90 minute sound walk performance.
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