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May 17 – May 18, 2014
Unnoticed Art Festival
Haarlem, Netherlands,

© Theun Okkerse

The Unnoticed Art Festival is a festival for unnoticed live art and took place in an undisclosed Dutch city. The Unnoticed Art Festival balanced on the line between public and private. It showed artworks hiding in normality. The language, used to express the works, fit in the average social behaviour in public space and, because of that, remained unnoticed to bystanders.
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Inside Stories
Private home, Dordrecht, the Netherlands,
june 2013

During “Urban Explorers Festival 2013” Inside Stories was set within the walls of a private home, behind closed curtains, hidden from prying eyes of the street. The occupant was absent but her personality was perceptible in all objects. In the rooms six artists showed works about worlds behind the frontdoor.

© Reynold Reynolds/Patrick Jolley (USA) : Burn (2002)
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222lodge Extern: The Eye of the Beholder
Pictura Dordrecht,
May 18, 2013

A one night festival of 10-minute presentations of time-based art

© Nico Parlevliet: Performance Hiroomi Horiuchi
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Street Level
The basements of Het Hof, Dordrecht, the Netherlands,
June 2012

Within the framework of the “Urban Explorers Festival 2012” Street Level showed five very different video works that have one thing in common: they are about human movement on the streets. Each from a very different approach.

Photo © Frans van Lent, video Dirk Hendrikx: Who is afraid of a work of Aard (2012)
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222lodge Extern: The Inevitable
SBK Dordrecht,
January 27, 2012

A one night festival of 10-minute presentations of time-based art

© Nico Parlevliet: Performance Patricia Pinheiro de Sousa

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38CC, 13 Hooikade, Delft, the Netherlands
July, 2010


Visual art producing sound, discussing sound, or even being sound itself. Breakers, an exhibition project looking for similiarities: a project in which the image speaks of sound, and sound feels like an image.Breakers presents several artists balancing this field, who prefer to think outside the boundaries of a medium. The participating artists approach these borders of sound and image each in their own and differentiating way, from formal and analytic, to expressive and narrative.
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November 2008 – ongoing:
Together with Nico Parlevliet I organise a series of two-monthly video/audio nights in the studio building Singel 222, Dordrecht, the Netherlands.


MOP Projects, Sydney, Australia
june, 2006

© Guillaume Bijl, James Ensor in Oostende ca. 1920 (2004)

In FACTS.FIGURES an integrated exhibition concept has been formulated in which the (pseudo)
documentary character of art is an important issue.
The ‘FACTS’ stand for concrete reality, which is the starting point for all artists, whereas the ‘FIGURES’ capture the final shape of their works.
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