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Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives
Toussaintkade 55, Den Haag (NL)
20 September-11 October, 2019
Opening: 20 September, 19:00

The shortest connection between two points is a straight line. If there are more points, it becomes a web. Some connections are used intensively, others remain in the periphery.
With the MÊKH-WEB-exhibition, EX-MÊKH will map the network, built in 13 years.

An exhibition with work by EX-MÊKH (Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers, Kees Koomen) and guest artists Marian Wijnvoord, Niels Post and Frans van Lent.

During the exhibition I will perform every day at unannounced moments.

Opened: Fri, Sat, Sun: 1pm-5pm
Fri. 27 Sept.: 1pm-5pm and 7pm-11pm.

De Nacht
Voorstraat 190, Dordrecht (NL)
September 14 – October 20, 2019

De performance De Nacht is niet een verbeelding van de nacht, het is de nacht zelf.
De ledententoonstelling de Salon in Pictura wordt in duisternis bezocht. De geexposeerde kunst verliest haar verhalen, wordt tot stille donkere objecten, silhouetten.
Elke zondagnacht, om 00:00 uur precies, wordt de voordeur geopend.
Wie dan buiten staat wordt binnen gelaten, waarna de deur wordt weer gesloten. De tentoonstelling wordt in stilte bezocht, er wordt niet gesproken. Zaklampen of telefoons zijn niet toegestaan.

Het bezoek duurt ongeveer 15 minuten.
De Nacht vindt plaats op alle zondagen gedurende de ledententoonstelling de Salon.

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The Nature of Things
Studio Seine
Mathenesserdijk 323A, 3026 GC Rotterdam (NL)
September 6 – November 10

The Nature of Things, a group exhibition curated by Nathalie Duivenvoorden and Jessica Skowroneck. They will show their works together with works of  invited artists Frans van Lent, Hugo Tieleman and Marjolein Witte.

© Marjolein Witte

Synchronize (2005/2019)
Hof (start), Dordrecht, Netherlands
1 September, 2019 ~

Het werk Synchronize bestaat uit een wandelroute en een mp3-bestand.
Tijdens het lopen van de route draag  je een koptelefoon of oortjes om de mp3 te beluisteren.
Loop de wandeling, zoals die eerder werd gelopen, en synchroniseer je eigen stappen met het geluid van de lopende voeten.

The work Synchronize consists of a walking route and an mp3 file.
While walking the route you need to wear headphones or earphones to listen to the mp3. Follow the walk as carried out earlier, and synchronize with the sound of the walking feet.

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On Saturday, July 20,
between 14:00 and 15:00,
I will call you.

We will not speak.
Our telephones will be connected for 60 seconds, the loudspeakers on full volume.
The sounds of our surroundings will blend together, somewhere between us.

If you want to join this project send me your number (including country code) by email*.
I will schedule my call to you, and email you to notify you of the time.
Two minutes before my call, I will send a text to remind you.
I will record the sound of our call and the recording might be used in the online documentation of the project.

*Update July 10: Because of the amount of responses, it is no longer possible to register.

On Sunday 25 May I will, together with Elia Torrecilla,  perform at Art D’, Cicle d’Art Acció.

Art D ‘Cicle d’Art Accio, is a bi-monthly cycle of international performance events. The program consists of live performances and lectures with room for theory, reflection and debate. Art D ‘is organized by a group of performance artists and researchers, in collaboration with the Centro del Carme Cultura Contemporánea.

Centro del Carme Cultura Contemporania, Museu 2, 46003 Valencia, Spain

A Scene #16
On Saturday May 18, 2019 at 14:00 (WEST) for 20 minutes I will be reading a newspaper in a queue at Ponto Inicial Trem 28, Rua Senhora Saúde 6B, Lisbon, Portugal (N38°42’54.1116” W9°8’12.048”). After 20 minutes I will fold the newspaper, leave the queue, and walk away in the direction of Rua da Graça.

About A Scene #15/16 and the work daqui até o rio and also about the project Het Binnenhuis (o Interio), a performative installation I presented in the Netherlands just before I left for Lisbon. Finally, I will show the short film of this project.

A Scene #15

On this website and on Facebook I announce small events that will take place at a certain location and at a certain moment in the near future. Everybody is invited to be at the exact spot at the exact time to contribute to the scene with his/her own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

On Saturday April 13, 2018 at 14:20 (WEST) I will be present at Jardim Augusto Gil, Largo da Graça, Lisbon, Portugal (GMS N 38°42’57.96″ W 9°7’50.519″), in order to perform a short collage of casual movements I perceived there in the days before. The carrying out will take about 10 minutes.