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Both sides of the river
HD-video loop, no sound

In the shade the water flows towards the bridge, and
in the sunshine the water flows away from the bridge.

November, 2021
AADK, Blanca, Spain.

untitled (2021)
One-screen installation.
4K-video loop, with sound
Please keep sound-volume low!

In the fast-flowing Río Segura,
I have placed a bucket weighted with stones,
to create a place of solidity, rest and stillness.

The work was made at AADK, Blanca, Spain, during a residency in October/November, 2021.

Chair Festival
October 20, 2021
Artez University,
MA performance practices
Location: Theatrium 2,
Onderlangs 9,
6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

Performance at the DfbrL8r, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
photo © Vela Oma

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Residency at AADK, Blanca, Murcia, Spain
October – November 2021

The working title of my research project will be:
Subjective topography, space as a diary.
It will be developed as part of the AADK-project: Body, Territory and Spatiality.

Out of Site Chicago
artist focus

On Saturday September 18 Martine Viale is in conversation with Frans van Lent in our weekly Artist Focus program. Frans van Lent is a curator and performance artist and is the organizer of La Biennale de Momon and convener of the upcoming Symposium of La Biennale de Momon on September 19 at the Dordecht Museum in The Netherlands.

Out of Site Chicago

La Biennale de Momon Symposium
Auditorium Dordrechts Museum
Museumstraat 38, Dordrecht (NL)
19 September 2021, 13:30 – 17:30

Op 19 september vindt In het auditorium van het Dordrechts Museum een symposium plaats waarmee het project La Biennale de Momon wordt voltooid.
Alle kunstenaars die aan het project hebben deelgenomen, zullen bij deze gelegenheid aanwezig zijn:
Lisa Skuret (US/GB), Sarah Boulton (GB), Martine Viale (CA/FR), Joshua Schwebel, (CA/DE), Elia Torrecilla (ES), Marc Buchy (FR/BE), Susana Mendes Silva (PT), Joan Heemskerk (NL) en Frans van Lent (NL).
Zij zullen spreken over hun werk en aanpak van het project en er zal een collectieve performance plaatsvinden, getiteld ‘Visual Images by Verbal Means’.
De voertaal van het symposium is Engels.

Daarnaast zal er een voordracht worden gegeven door Ruud Akse, kunstenaar, oprichter en artistiek directeur van NP3 en kerndocent van het Frank Mohr Institute, afdeling MADtech ( Media, Art, Design and Technology). Hij zal spreken over de betekenis van de beschreven thematiek binnen zijn professionele omgeving

deuren van het auditorium zijn geopend vanaf 13:00 uur (Museumstraat 38, ingang Art & Dining). Toegang tot het symposium is vrij, maar reserveren is gewenst. Vanwege Covid regelgeving zijn er beperkt plaatsen beschikbaar.
Stuur een mail naar
U kunt ook een berichtje sturen naar +316 285 999 38 (Frans van Lent).
U wordt vriendelijk verzocht op tijd aanwezig te zijn.

On 19 September, to conclude the La Biennale de Momon project, a symposium will be held in the auditorium of the Dordrecht Museum.
Lisa Skuret (US/GB), Sarah Boulton (GB), Martine Viale (CA/FR), Joshua Schwebel (CA/DE), Elia Torrecilla (ES), Marc Buchy (FR/BE), Susana Mendes Silva (PT), Joan Heemskerk (NL) and Frans Van Lent (NL)
The artists will present their work and approach to the project and there will be a collective performance ‘Visual Works by Verbal Means’.

As part of the symposium programme, Ruud Akse founder and artistic director of NP3 and core lecturer at Frank Mohr Institute, department MADtech (Media, Art, Design and Technology) will give a lecture about the meaning of the project theme within his professional environment.
The doors of the auditorium will open at 13:00 (Museumstraat 38, entrance Art & Dining). Entrance to the symposium is free, but reservations are recommended. Due to Covid regulations there are limited places available.
Please send an e-mail to
You can also send a message to +316 285 999 38 (Frans van Lent).

You are kindly requested to be on time.

A Scene #30: a street where no one speaks

A Scene #30: a street where nobody speaks
On Friday, August 20,  between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., users of the Neißstraße (between Weberstraße and Uferstraße) in Görlitz (D), will be personally addressed, and asked not to speak or to make any other noise. Small cards are handed out with the following texts:.

“Liebe FuBgängerin, lieber FuBgänger,
Heute, am 20. August, ist diese StraBe ein Ort der Stille. Bitte tragen Sie dazu bei, indem Sie während
lhren Spaziergang nicht sprechen oder Lärm machen. Wir danken lhnen herzlich für 1hr Engagement.”

“Drogi przechodniu,
Dziś, 20 sierpnia, ulica ta jest miejscem ciszy. Prosimy o nie rozmawianie i nie halasowanie podczas spaceru. Dziękujemy za Państwa zaangażowanie.”

A Scene #30 is part of STRE!FEN performance festival

The Scenes are small events that take place at a certain location and at a certain moment in the near future. Everybody is invited to be at the exact spot at the exact time to contribute to the scene with his/her own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

alles gaat door
solo presentation
Studio Seine
Mathenesserdijk 323A
Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Open until July 11, 2021

Open: Friday to Sunday, 1 – 5 pm
& by appointment:
+31 6 208 53 190

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Fort Maarsseveen
3 July – 26 September
Opening: Saturday 3 July, 15:00.


Nycthemeron shows the course of a rowboat through the canal around Fort Maarsseveen.
In 24 consecutive hours, 24 fragments of the tour were rowed and captured on video.
The edit of all fragments takes 10’24 minutes, which is the time it takes to row around the fortress in one continuous run.
Nycthemeron is a one-screen installation.

The Human Landscape
3 video works by Frans van Lent
June 11 – September 30, 2021

Universidad Miguel Hernández
Sala Gris, Rectorate Building and Social Council.
Av. de la Universidad de Elche, S/N
03202 – Elche, Alicante, Spain.

The Human Landscape is organised parallel to the exhibition
La Ciudad Intermedia by Elia Torrecilla.
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