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Open Studio Route Dordrecht
March 16/17, 2019
Singel 222, Dordrecht , Netherlands

My studio at Singel 222 will be open to visitors
from 11:00 to 12:45 and from 14:15 to17:00 h.
On both days I will initiate a performative group walk,
starting at 13:00 h. at Hof, 3311 ES Dordrecht.
Please, feel free to join!

The Open Atelier Route is an initiative of Pictura and the Dordrechts Museum.

Centro de Investigação Artística
April 1 – June 30, 2019

Rua Damasceno Monteiro, 12
1170-112 Lisboa, Portugal

HANGAR is an Artistic Research Center located in Graça, Lisbon. HANGAR includes a center of exhibitions, artistic residencies, and artistic studies. It is also a center of education, talks, and conversations that unify geographic locations, cultures and identities and stimulate the development of artistic and theoretical practices.
HANGAR also seeks to organize and produce the development of artistic inter-disciplinary projects and visual arts projects that focus on Lisbon as a central backdrop for contemporary culture.
HANGAR is an independent space managed by artists and curators. It is a place for experimentation, research, and reflection artistic practices. This space is a point of convergence of various areas of contemporary artistic processes.

From April 1st to June 30, 2019, I will be working as a residence-artist in a Hangar studio in Lisbon, Portugal.

A Scene #14

A Scene #14: Over and Under
On Saturday December 15, 2018 at 14:20 CET I waited for a tram in southern direction, at tram stop Leuvehaven (51°54’55.625″N, 4°28’56.857″E), Rotterdam. I stepped into the first arriving tram. The tram crossed the river Maas over the Erasmus bridge. I got off the tram at the first stop on the other side of the river: Wilhelminaplein (51°54’26.72″N, 4°29’34.756″E).
I then entered the Metro station and waited at the platform for a metro train in Northern direction. I took the first arriving train, and crossed the river Maas through the tunnel. I left the train at the first stop: Leuvehaven.

Open Performance Academy | Art Science Hunger
7 December 2018
20:00 -23:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam

20:00: First try-out of the participatory performance A Myopic Street View Continue reading

A Scene #13
On Saturday 8 December 2018, at exactly 14:20 CET, I will publicly announce a new event with the name: ‘A Scene # 14’, on the website and on Facebook. Unlike all previous events, you can be part of this occurrence at any chosen location, if you are online on that specific moment.

A Performative Walk #5
A performative walk as the base, as the method and as the outcome of a process of leading and following.

A group of people walks in a random direction. The person at the front is leading. When somebody wants to change the direction, he/she walks up to the front and takes over. The group always follows. Finally the group returns to the starting point (if somebody decides so).
During the walk nobody talks and telephones are switched off!

A Performative Walk #5 takes place on Monday 26 November at exactly 8:00 pm. If you want to join, please be at Hof, 3311 XG Dordrecht at 7:50 PM. Participation is free.
A Performative Walk #5 is part of De Grootste Tentoonstelling van Dordrecht in the framework of 400 years Synode.

Printing Plant Art Book Fair
My books Unnoticed Art and TheParallelShow
will be on show at the table of Jap Sam Books.
On Sunday 25 November, 19:00 – 19:30
I will read from the book TheParallelShow.
Looiersgracht 60, 1016 VT Amsterdam (NL).
You are very welcome at the occasion.

Chai with Guillaume
14 November, 2018

Part of the project
When Words Become Situations
curator : Guillaume Dufour Morin.
Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale II,
Morni Hills (Badisher), Haryana, India.

I was invited to create a work for the curatorial program When Words Become Situations
In the framework of the Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale II. 
I invited the responsible curator Guillaume Dufour Morin to join me for dinner.
He then invited me to have tea with him first. I used the same recipe. Continue reading

Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale II
November 19 – November 24, 2018

Hosted by Healing Hill Art Space (HHAS)
Badisher, Morni Hills,
Panchkula, Haryana,

Group D, 
curated by Guillaume Dufour Morin
November 19 – November 24
Alejandro Chêllet, Mexico
Ernesta Dir Banauskaite, Lithuania
Frans van Lent, Netherlands
Hector Canonge, USA
Janani Cooray, Sri Lanka
Jihyoung Park, South Korea
Karolina Kubik, Poland
Kristiane Nerdrum Bøgwald, Norway
Lola Lostusa, Brazil/Germany
Okty Budiati, Indonesia
Renu Bariwal, India
Satadru Sovan, India

Open Performance Academy | Art Science Hunger
Worm-Ubik Rotterdam

Open Performance Academy (OPA) is a knowledge and practice platform for artists and theoreticians working with and from performance. OPA offers a platform for research, experiment and reflection. Artists and theorists are given the opportunity to show work in progress and to receive feedback from the audience. Conversely, the audience gets an insight into state of the art research within and to performance art. By focusing on both the artist and theoretician and the audience, OPA contributes to the development within art and the transfer of art and knowledge.

My presentations will take place on November 8 and November 22, 2018.
Performance: December 7, 2018.