Inside Stories
Private home, Dordrecht, the Netherlands,
june 2013

During “Urban Explorers Festival 2013” Inside Stories was set within the walls of a private home, behind closed curtains, hidden from prying eyes of the street. The occupant was absent but her personality was perceptible in all objects. In the rooms six artists showed works about worlds behind the frontdoor.

© Reynold Reynolds/Patrick Jolley (USA) : Burn (2002)
Living room: Reynold Reynolds/Patrick Jolley (USA) : Burn (2002)
Corridor: Alexa Meyerman (Netherlands):12:42 AM (2012)
Kitchen: Frank Halmans (Netherlands): Full House (2009)
Study: Ton Kraayeveld (Netherlands): Internal Affair (2010)
Bedroom: Leonid Dutov (Russia): 12 (2012)
Overall smell: Frans van Lent (Netherlands): Untitled (2013)