La Biennale de Momon Symposium
Auditorium Dordrechts Museum
September 19 2021

photos © Nico Parlevliet

To conclude the La Biennale de Momon project,
a symposium took place at September 19 2021,
in the auditorium of the Dordrecht Museum, Dordrecht (NL)
All participating artists  presented their works and approached to the project
and a collective performance ‘Visual Works by Verbal Means’.

Added to the symposium programme was a lecture of Ruud Akse,
founder and artistic director of NP3 and core lecturer at Frank Mohr Institute,
about the meaning of the project theme within his professional environment.

Carron Little streamed the symposium on video for Out Of Site Chicago.
The links to the videos: Part 1 and Part 2

Frans van Lent

Marc Buchy

Martine Viale

Joan Heemskerk

Susana Mendes Silva

Joshua Schwebel

Lisa Skuret

Elia Torrecilla

Sarah Boulton