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Dubbel (Kreuzberg)

A walk through Berlin Kreuzberg (2006),
starting and ending at Görlitzer Bahnhof.
A camera in each hand,
the two recordings superimposed
in one image.
2 combined sd-videos, no sound
14:24 min.

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A walk from west to east,
a camera in each hand.
Away from the night
towards the day.
The left arm before and
the right arm after sunrise.

Afsluitdijk, the Netherlands, 2006
2 combined sd-videos, no sound
33:98 min.


Video performance, 60 minutes.
Every minute a man walks to the window, looks out of the window and walks away in exact repetition.

Presented as a video-installation at the Grenzwachturm Schlesischer Busch. Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin (D), June/July 2007

Berlin, Germany 2006
One take, DV, sound.

Text on the work by Svenja Moor: Letzte Überprüfung