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I invited some friends
to make a ten minute long audio recording
of someone close sleeping.

In editing I superimposed the recordings
as layers into one combined file,
a document of collective intimacy. Continue reading


On a walk in the forest, I stopped at an intersection.
I turned around and, looking through my binoculars,
I imagined myself walking on the path behind me a moment earlier.

Then I turned back again and, looking at the path in front of me,
I imagined myself walking there a moment later. Continue reading

The Virtual Reality

I sit in front of a map and a notebook.
I look at the map, and in my mind I walk a path that I have walked often.

I imagine the route in real time. As I walk, I make notes of what I pass, what I might see, and the directions I follow.
It takes 42 minutes, which is the same time as it takes to walk.
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La Têt

Perpignan (F)
18 June 2022
In collaboration with Martine Viale.
We stand motionless facing each other on both sides of the river, at the boundary of the water. Our spread arms confirm the direction from which the water comes and to which side it flows. Continue reading

To Hiroomi

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As a friendly gesture to Hiroomi Horiuchi,
I walked and recorded the first hour of the route
from my home in Maumont, Hautefort, France
to his home in Kichijōji, Musashino, Tokyo, Japan.

June 12, 2022 Continue reading