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I invited some friends
to make a ten minute long audio recording
of someone close sleeping.

In editing I superimposed the recordings
as layers into one combined file,
a document of collective intimacy. Continue reading


On a walk in the forest, I stop at an intersection.
I turn around and, looking through my binoculars,
I imagine myself walking on the path behind me a moment earlier.

Then I turn back again and, looking at the path in front of me,
I imagine myself walking there a moment later. Continue reading

The Virtual Reality

I sit in front of a map and a notebook.
I look at the map, and in my mind I walk a path that I have walked often.

I imagine the route in real time. As I walk, I make notes of what I pass, what I might see, and the directions I follow.
It takes 42 minutes, which is the same time as it takes to walk.
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