16 stills of the film Crossing (2009).
on 16 pages (250 grs),
size: 19 X 36 cms (7,5 X 13,4 in).

The essay-text is wrapped around the book.
Design: Studio Renate Boere
500 copies printed
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-808675-2-9
© Frans van Lent 2011

The text: Een oversteek In vijf delen
(A Crossing In Five Stages)
was written by Lucette Ter Borg.
Both versions (Dutch and English) are included.

Click here to read correspondence about the work Crossing (PDF in Dutch), with contributions of Antoinette Reuten, Loek van de Sande, Ton Kraayeveld, Bernd Trasberger, Marie Claire Gellings, Paul Henning and Frans van Lent.