John G. Boehme: the repatriation

Part of a mail by John Boehme to the Dordrecht Museum:
My name is John G. Boehme I am a Visual Arts Instructor at Camosun College in Victoria BC canada a practicing Performance, Ceramics and Visual Artist.
I am interested in donating (repatriation) of two 1400-century Jacoba earthenware pitchers.
The ceramics are from the Huis te Merwede, a Mediaeval castle close to Dordrecht.These pitchers have an elongated shape with a long neck and splayed lobed foot, applied with a strap handle, 22.4cm high Images and provenance attached.
My father John L. Boehme was an antique dealer and auctioneer in La Jolla, California at his two shops John Boehme Antiques La Jolla Blvd and La Galerie on Genter St in La Jolla, CA 1972 – 1985 before moving to Victoria BC where he owned Boehme antiques at 106 Superior St in James Bay.

The pitchers came into his possession shortly after World War II and were accompanied by the letter below.

The repatriation took place on Saturday 25 May at 18:00
at Huis te Merwede, Heer Daniëlspad, Dordrecht. The pitchers were accepted by Mirjam van Oeveren, collection manager of the Dordrecht Museum.

An interview at the regional radio (in Dutch)

The pitchers in exhibition after the repatriation.

Publication of the repatriation in local newspaper Dordt Centraal, by Henny de Lange.