December 1-December 16, 2017
Urban Emptiness Nicosia

A Performative Walk 2
Performance project 

A performative walk as the base, as the method and as the outcome of a process of leading and following. The work is a series of five successive daily group walks. 

Every walk starts at the same place and at the same time of the day.
Initially we repeat the route of the day before and then any participant can, at any moment, speed up to the front position and guide the group into another chosen direction. During the walk there is no discussion, nobody speaks, all decisions are made by moving faster or slower.
The walk ends when the group returns at the starting point.

A Performative Walk 2 takes place from December 2 to December 6, every day 18:00 at Municipal Market, Nicosia (CY).
A Performative Walk 2 is part of Urban Emptiness Nicosia 2017.

Urban Emptiness Nicosia is an artistic laboratory during two weeks in the city fabric of Nicosia.
The Festival explores the interconnection among walking and new media in digital and physical space with interdisciplinary performances, dance – movement – walking workshops and a complementary exhibition of video and sound pieces, mapping and walking related indoor/outdoor installations, documented walks, simultaneously happening in Nicosia and other cities, and of work in progress by students in New York, Brussels and Athens.

Special attention goes to the exploration of the city of Nicosia, its people’s everyday actions and to negotiations of city spaces revealing their potentiality and hidden qualities.  The Festival takes place in various locations in  the city most notably the Dancehouse Lefkosia, Old Market (Municipal Market),  Point Centre for Contemporary Art.