Open Performance Academy | Art Science Hunger
7 December 2018
20:00 -23:00
Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam

20:00: First try-out of the participatory performance A Myopic Street View

A Myopic Street View
a collective visual research project for 3 to 15 participants. 

A participant needs: a smartphone with camera and with WhatsApp installed.
Start a WhatsApp-group called: A Myopic Street View;
all participants first become active members of that group.
Then they all go to the starting point (the entrance of Worm Ubik) and each one chooses a direction to walk.

The performance:
Start walking and start making photos straightaway.
The photos should only be made of objects or situations closer than 1 meter away, no overall views! During the walk every photo must be send immediately to the WhatsApp-group, to make sure the right order is maintained. No texts should be sent, only photos.
Walk on and continue making and sending your photos, until the starting point disappears from view. Then turn around and choose (another) way back. During the walk back you continue shooting and sending (and receiving) photos till you arrived at the starting point. The performance ends when everybody arrived.

The actual work is not in the visual results but in the experiences of the participants exploring, shooting, sending and receiving photos.

A Myopic Street View is organised by Performance Art NL, in the framework of
Open Performance Academy | Art Science Hunger.