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Binoculars On a walk in the forest, I stop at an intersection.
I turn around and, looking through my binoculars,
I imagine myself walking on the path behind me a moment earlier.

Then I turn back and look at the path in front of me,
imagining myself walking there a moment later. Continue reading

The Panorama

A head wearing black glasses,
turns slowly from the left shoulder to the right shoulder.
In the reflections, the landscape glides by.
July 6, 2022.
HD-video with sound, 02:03 min.

Related work: Project (2008)

HD-video with sound
05:14 min.

Men looking at a village.
February 26, 2022.

La Forêt

I walked through the forest,
I picked up some small stones from the path.

I studied each of them carefully, turned it around, over and over,
I determined the size, the shape, felt its weight in my hand. Continue reading