A chain

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Hautefort, France
I drove my car to the castle and parked at the top of the hill.
I left the car, picked up a pebble (1) and walked down the hill. At the fork, I dropped the pebble and picked up a dandelion leaf (2).
I walked further down, dropped the leaf (3) and collected a fallen twig. I walked on to the corner near the Mairie, where I dropped the twig (4) and picked up a piece of stone.
From there I walked to the right (5), dropped the stone and found a dried laurel leaf. Holding this leaf I walked to the old garage.
I dropped the leaf (6) and picked up a crushed piece of reed. I walked up the street to the wall of the castle gardens, let go of the reed and picked up a rose sprig. No flower, just thorns.
I walked to the left, down the hill, past the castle, where I dropped the sprig in front of a fence. There I picked up a small piece of gravel, walked down the steps to the road. I walked along the road to the right, to where I could climb again, next to the Auberge. There I let go of the piece of gravel (9) and picked up a lump of cement.
I climbed all the way up to the castle where I dropped the cement (10) and, on the side of the street, picked up the chip from a wooden board. I followed the road, past the castle, to the fork next to the parking lot (11).
I let go of the wood and picked up the first pebble I had dropped at the beginning of the walk (2). I walked back to my car, dropped the pebble (1), got in and drove off.