¿Cuánto es 1km?

This day, May 2, 2020, the first day after a 40-day Corona-quarantine, residents of Spain will be allowed to go out for sporting or hiking on fixed time slots. This is only permitted within a radius of one km from home.
The Spanish government opened a website (https://1km.geomatico.es) where residents can find exactly what this means concerning their own situation.
On this website I discovered where a comparable circle would reach, starting from my home in the Netherlands, in case our government applied the same rules.
Elia Torrecilla and I agreed to take a parallel walk.

-This morning at 9 am Elia Torrecilla stepped out of her front door in Valencia to take a walk within the contour of the circle.
-This morning at 9 am Frans van Lent stepped out of his front door in Dordrecht to take a walk within the contour of the circle.

Elia Torrecilla walked 9.2 km and arrived home at 10:54. On the way she received a warning because, within the regulations, she was supposed to be home after 10 am. Frans arrived home at 10:52 after walking 8 km.

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