I invited twenty artists to make a ten minutes long audio recording of Silence.
Each one of them decided where, how and in what conditions they wanted to do this.
I superimposed all submitted recordings as layers into one combined file.

Stereo digital audio, 10:00 min.
Best listened to on headphones.

Recordings by:
Annie Abrahams, Montpellier, France
Adolfo Bimer, Santiago, Chile
Sarah Boulton, North Devon, UK
Francisco Bruna Zalvidea, Concepción, Chile
Marc Buchy, Brussels, Belgium
Christine Enrègle, Paris, France
Joan Heemskerk, Dordrecht, Netherlands
Hiroomi Horiuchi, Kichijoji, Japan
Helinä Hukkataival, Tampere, Finland
Ienke Kastelein, Utrecht, Netherlands
Frans van Lent, Dordrecht, Netherlands
Javier Mansilla, Santiago, Chile
Susana Mendes Silva, Lisbon, Portugal
Nico Parlevliet, Dordrecht, Netherlands
Bernard Roddy, Chicago, USA
Ursula Scherrer, Schaffhausen, Switserland
Lisa Skuret, London, UK
Josh Schwebel, Berlin, Germany
Natascha Seideneck, Denver, USA
Elia Torrecilla, Valencia, Spain
Martine Viale, Perpignan, France.