In a train

Group performance
Participants:  Adriana Ramirez, Hiroomi Horiuchi, Sebastian Gonzalez de Gortari, Eduarda Estrella, Sobia Zaidi, Frans van Lent.

Instruction for participants: This performance is meant to be unnoticed by the public. Please do not act unnatural, be as inconspicious as possible!

All participants go to the last corridor of the train (startingpoint).
It starts with a (first) person walking slowly into the first coach, as if looking around for a convenient place to sit. He finds a place somewhere in the first coach (when it is not possible to sit just stand and wait in front of the toilets). After the first person started, the second one counts to 60 and then follows him, walking in the same direction. He passes the first one and finds a place in the second coach (or at least out of site of the first one). When the second one leaves the third one starts counting and then starts walking. He passes the first and the second one, finds a place out of sight of the second one and so on. When the sixth one walks he goes on till the end of the train, but will not find the right place to sit. Then he walks back, still in the same slow and searching way. When the sixth one again passed the fifth one, the fifth one waits another 60 seconds and then follows him walking back slowly, again looking around. When the fith person passed the fourth waits another 60 seconds and starts also walking back and so on. Finally everybody returned to the starting point. End of performance.

When finished all participants write a short note about what he/she noticed doing this performance.

In a train (driving full speed towards Berlin)
March 15 2013