A Myopic Street View

a collective visual research project for 3 to 15 participants.

A participant needs: a smartphone with camera and with WhatsApp installed.
One person starts a WhatsApp group with the title: A Myopic Street View;
all participants become active members of that group.
All go to the starting point (the front door) of the art space.

The performance:
Go through the front door and choose a direction to walk.
Start walking and start making photos straightaway.
Only shoot objects or situations closer than 1 meter away. No overall views! No portraits!
Every photo should be send immediately to the WhatsApp-group, to make sure the right order is maintained. Do not send texts. Do not respond to the photos you receive on your phone.
Keep walking and shooting, until the starting point disappeared from view. Turn around and choose (another) way back.
Continue shooting and sending until you arrived at the starting point. The performance ends when everybody has returned (and the last photo is sent and received).

Rules to Play By @ The Flow Gallery
PixelPop Festival 2019,
St. Louis, MO (USA)
Sunday, September 15, 1:00pm (CDT)
6 participants, 347 shots.