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Untitled (2021)

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Nycthemeron shows the course of a rowboat through the canal around Fort Maarsseveen.
In 24 consecutive hours, 24 fragments of the tour were rowed and captured on video.
The accumuluated time is 10’24 minutes, which is the time it takes
to row around the fortress in one continuous run.
The video was played in an endless loop.
Nycthemeron is a one-screen installation,
presented at Fort Maarsseveen during the Waterdicht-project (July 3 – September 26, 2021).

Video of the work: Nycthemeron
In this online presentation, the video is playing 3 times in a row (31’11 min. )
camera: Steef van Lent

Nycthemeron is related to:
L’espace vingt-quatre heures (2020) and
24 hours (2023).


photographic print

Text line:
After taking this picture, I went to where the horizon touches the right-hand side of this work.
From there I walked to the left, to where the horizon touches the left-hand side.
Walking this line took 19 minutes and 24 seconds.


Leave was a performance, ending in a series of photographs.
During a walk, in private and public space, I focussed on leaving places.

I avoided experiencing my movements as arriving at a place.

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