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At the Río Segura I filled a glass with water, and  I walked up the mountain.
I stopped at a spot from where I had a clear view at the valley and the river below.
With the glass in my hand, I bent down slowly and repeatedly,
synchronised with the rhythm of my breathing.
With each bending movement, water spilled from the glass onto the ground.
The work was finished when the glass was empty.
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Stone and ball

From the street the artist throws a stone into the gallery,
from the gallery the curator throws a ball into the street.

Performed on 6 November, 2021 
at FantastikLab, Valencia, Spain.
Curator: E.Torrecilla.

Memory Allocation

In the Parque De Las Cuevas (38° 10′ 36″ N 1° 22′ 06″ W) in Blanca, Spain, there is an empty semi-circle of sand measuring about 60 by 30 metres. At the outer edge of the semicircle are ten benches, arranged in groups of four, two, three and one. The benches face the centre of the space. Between and beside these groups of benches, there are five straight walkways, which are directed towards the centre like radials. The Rio Segura runs along the flat side of the semicircle.

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A Scene

A Scene #32 – #1
On this website and on Facebook I announce small events that will take place at a certain location and at a certain moment in the near future.
Everybody is invited to be at the exact spot at the exact time to contribute to the scene with his/her own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

A Scene #32: back and forth
30 October, 2021.
I am standing on a bridge over the Río Segura in Ojos (38° 08′ 58″ N 1° 20′ 22″ W), Spain.
At the same time, G. is standing on another bridge over the Río Segura, in Blanca (38° 10′ 46″ N 1° 22′ 41″ W), 7 km upstream. Our phones are on speakerphone and the volume is on maximum.

At 2.20 pm (CEST) I call G.
She picks up. We don’t speak a word, but keep the line open.
We point our phones down at the fast-flowing water under the bridges.
Ten minutes later, at 2.30 pm, we disconnect.

In collaboration with Giuli Grippo.

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Route de Maumont

Participation to La Biennale de Momon.

Route de Maumont
For most of us, Maumont proved to be an impossible destination. We had to approach it by means of just our imagination. Knowing the village for so long, I created a walk to show the real Maumont from a distance in seven photo positions. As soon as we can travel again, we could walk this route to emphasize and celebrate the long unattainable heart of our project.

Download a pdf of the route in your language to use offline on your mobile: