The places where we are (or would like to be)

July 24, 2018

For this work I proposed to colleagues and friends that we held a (private) telephone conversation about The places where we were (or would like to be). We arranged for each call to take place on specific time slots on July 24th.  During a daylong walk in the Perigord, I called each of the participants at the agreed time and we talked a few minutes about the places where we were at that moment. During this conversation we sent each other photos of our surroundings (WhatsApp), creating an instant mix of both visual worlds.

Participants were:
Janet Meaney (at a guesthouse, Adelaide, Australia)
Lucien den Arend (in a hammock, Kangasniemi, Finland)
Maureen Bachaus (at the Airport in Köln, Germany)
Ienke Kastelein (in a garden, Roden, Groningen, Netherlands)
Steef van Lent (at the waterside, Rummelsburg, Berlin, Germany)
Witold van Ratingen (in a street, Utrecht, Netherlands)
Elia Torrecilla (near the village of Puebla de Sanabria, Zamora, Spain)
Daniel Pinheiro (at his home, Porto, Portugal)
Nico Parlevliet (in a hotel, Flores, Indonesia)
Andrew McNiven (at the seaside near Dunbar, Scotland, UK)
Kees Koomen (in a hospice, Cloitre St. Paul, St. Rémy de Provence, France)
Jacqui Orly (in her kitchen, Hayle, Cornwall, UK)
Joyce Overheul (in her apartment, Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
Sarah Boulton (in the streets of Glasbury, Wales, UK)
Juan Pablo Plazas Sáenz (in the streets of Sint Gilles, Brussels, Belgium)
Sophie Hadjipapa (at a carpark, Plati, Nicosia, Cyprus)
Maya Felixbrodt (in the street, Vienna, Austria)
Zoe Balasch (in the streets of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)
Johanna van Overmeir (near the Schelde, Antwerp, Belgium)

L: Janet Meaney ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Lucien den Arend ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Maureen Bachaus ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Ienke Kastelein ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Steef van Lent ©
R: Frans van Lent


L: Witold van Ratingen ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Elia Torrecilla ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Daniel Pinheiro ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Nico Parlevliet ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Andrew McNiven ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Kees Koomen ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Jacqui Orly ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Joyce Overheul ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Sarah Boulton ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Juan Pablo Plazas Sáenz ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Sophie Hadjipapa ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Maya Felixbrodt ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Zoe Balasch ©
R: Frans van Lent ©


L: Johanna van Overmeir ©
R: Frans van Lent ©