By the sweat of your brow..
House of the verger, Museumstraat 65, Dordrecht, The Netherlands
June 7, 2014

© The Unstitute

Together with God also the verger disappeared, but his house still breathes the traces of a subservient existence.
With performances and video 14 artists show what binds man to the earth.

By the sweat of your brow.. is a presentation within the framework of the Urban Explorers Festival 2014

Josh Bricker (USA)
Fran & Jim (FR)
Robert Ladislas Derr (USA)
Frans van Lent (NL, performance)
Cinthia Marcelle (BR)
Patrick Moser (USA)
ronnie s (NOR/NL)
Tetsushi Higashino (JP)
The Unstitute (UK)
Yvo van der Vat (NL, performance)
Reggie Voigtländer (DE/NL, performance)
Jordan Wayne Long (USA)
Simon Welch (FR)
Hector Zamora (MEX/BRA).