The Drift
November 21 2014,
Singel 222, Dordrecht, Netherlands.


The drift is a populist curatorial concept.
We asked artists all over the world to submit a video work, àny video work.
We did not intend to make a choice on the basis of our personal preferences or a premeditated subject, we simply accepted the main stream of submissions. That main stream led us through the project of selection.
We follow the drift and we will see where it brings us.

The program:
Katina Bitsicas (USA)
Emilie Crewe (Canada)
Leonid Dutov (Russia)
Clint Ents (Canada)
Anna Garner (USA)
Scott Hall/Elise Frost (USA)
Sandra Fruebing (UK)
Svetlana Gabova (Russia)
Benjamin Grosser (USA)
Constance Humphries (USA)
Allison Kotzig (USA)
Christine Lucy Latimer (Canada)
Kevin Logan (UK)
Muriel Montini (France)
Adam Norton (Australia)
Claudio Parodi (Italy)
Benjamin Rosenthal / James Moreno (USA)
Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru)
Weigang Song (China/USA)
Balam Soto (Guatemala/USA)
Eric Souther (USA)
Tuo Wang (China/USA)