May 17 – May 18, 2014
Unnoticed Art Festival
Haarlem, Netherlands,

© Theun Okkerse

The Unnoticed Art Festival is a festival for unnoticed live art and took place in an undisclosed Dutch city. The Unnoticed Art Festival balanced on the line between public and private. It showed artworks hiding in normality. The language, used to express the works, fit in the average social behaviour in public space and, because of that, remained unnoticed to bystanders.

Creating the concepts and executing the works were split. The artists sent their concepts more or less as manuals. In the festival the chosen works were carried out by a group of volunteers.

These volunteers had a double roll. They were participants as well as audience. They were responsible for realising the performances in the best possible way and, doing that, they could fully experience the works. In fact they became part of it. The public was not excluded in this way but it was actually embedded.

The location of the festival remained secret. That way the passers-by were accidental and without knowledge of the occasion.
They have their own aims, their own occupations, their own thoughts.

Rafael Abreu Canedo (BRA)
Sarah Boulton (GBR)
Derek Dadian-Smith (USA),
Craig Damrauer (USA),
Dino Dinco ((USA),
Mr. and Mrs Gray (NLD),
Linda Hesh (USA),
Hiroomi Horiuchi (JPN),
David Horvitz (USA),
Daan den Houter (NLD),
Jeroen Jongeleen (NLD),
Ienke Kastelein (NLD),
Jonathan Keats (USA),
Joke van Kerkwijk (NLD),
Kees Koomen (NLD),
Margreet Kramer (NLD),
Gavin Krastin (ZAF),
Frans van Lent (NLD),
Steef van Lent (DEU),
Gretta Louw (AUS),
Lilla Magyari (HUN),
Maria Martens (SAV),
Andrew McNiven (GBR),
Janet Meany (AUS),
Tim Miller (GBR),
Marnik Neven (BEL),
Joyce Overheul (NLD),
Nico Parlevliet (NLD),
Malin Peter (SWE),
Jess Rose (GBR),
Julie Rozman (USA),
Roekoe M (NLD),
Joshua Schwebel (CAN),
Edwin Stolk (NLD),
Topp & Dubio (NLD).

A final event is organised at Pictura, Dordrecht, NL, August 31, 2014
and a book is published (Unnoticed Art, ISBN/EAN: 978-90-808675-0-5, Frans van Lent).
You can buy it here! (website) (Dutch website) (crowdfunding, till May 14)
Interview Picturablad (by Nathan Veldhuijsen, in Dutch)