Looking at Things

Group action
Participants:   Hiroomi Horiuchi (6), Sebastian Gonzalez de Gortari (5), Eduarda Estrella (4), Sobia Zaidi (3), Liza May Post (2), Frans van Lent (1).

A. Starting in the hall of the train-station we slowly walked in a line to a department store in the shopping mall. Everyone was following the person in front of him/her at a distance and as discreet as possible. Nr.1 was first in line, nr.6 was last in line.
B. When we walked into the shop we went up two floors by escalator.
C. We walked around, still in line, picked up some things from the tables (randomly), studied these objects at all sides and then put them back on the table.
Everyone was imitating the person in front of him/her as precisely as possible. Doing this we related as a (widely spread) group by synchronising our movements.
D. After five minutes nr. 1 slowly walked back to the elevators and returned to the ground floor. One by one the others followed. Nr 1 walked out of the door and waited there for the others.
E. When everybody was outside the performance was over.

April 25 2013