Please don’t touch! I’ll come and fix this as soon as possible

I walk into the gallery. On the floor are three big canvases leaning against the wall (frontside turned to the wall), each one about 130 x 140 cms. They are covered with plastic to protect them. You can’t really look clearly through the plastic. Taped on the works is a piece of paper with the written text: ‘Please don’t touch! I’ll come and fix it as soon as possible’.

I measure exactly where to hang the paintings, then drill holes for each of them, put screws in the holes and hang the works carefully on the wall. After I hanged the last one, I clean the floor in front of the works. Then I take off the works in the same order, put them against the wall, take out the screws, the plugs, fill the holes with plaster, paint the spots white again, clean the floor, take my equipment and leave the gallery.
This performance is repeated a number of times at unannounced moments during the exhibition
Let’s Get Physical,
presentation of MaHKU at Kapitaal, Utrecht, Netherlands.
June 2013
The work was redone in Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, DenHaag (NL) in 2019.