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A Scene

A Scene #32 – #1
On this website and on Facebook I announce small events that will take place at a certain location and at a certain moment in the near future.
Everybody is invited to be at the exact spot at the exact time to contribute to the scene with his/her own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

A Scene #32: back and forth
30 October, 2021.
I am standing on a bridge over the Río Segura in Ojos (38° 08′ 58″ N 1° 20′ 22″ W), Spain.
At the same time, G. is standing on another bridge over the Río Segura, in Blanca (38° 10′ 46″ N 1° 22′ 41″ W), 7 km upstream. Our phones are on speakerphone and the volume is on maximum.

At 2.20 pm (CEST) I call G.
She picks up. We don’t speak a word, but keep the line open.
We point our phones down at the fast-flowing water under the bridges.
Ten minutes later, at 2.30 pm, we disconnect.

In collaboration with Giuli Grippo.

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Breakfast with Hiroomi

Franseet     Hiroomieet

I invited Hiroomi Horiuchi to have breakfast together on Friday November 6, 2015.
I asked him to choose the time and the menu.

Hiroomi had breakfast in Shizuoka, Japan at 08:00 AM, local time (23:00 UTC/GMT),
I had breakfast in Dordrecht, Netherlands at 00:00 AM, local time (23:00 UTC/GMT).

The menu was:
-scrambled eggs 
-lettuce, cucumber and tomato 
-corn soup


Before the start of the performance, the attendees were kindly asked not to shoot any pictures or videos. Nothing but the memory should remain.

A square of 200 cm by 200 cm was marked out with masking tape on the wall. The section created was painted with the same masonry paint as the rest of the wall. When the entire square was painted, the marking tape was removed and the floor was cleaned from any spilled paint.
After this was completed, you could still discern the square, but as the paint was drying the square slowly vanished, and blended in with the wall.
The attendees left when every trace had disappeared.

Vierkant was part of the Performance Festival With Traces,
(Pictura, Dordrecht, June 13 – June 28, 2015)
June 13, 2015.

2nd version of the work: Vierkant 2019


I stand in front of a white wall.

I take a small round mirror out of my pocket, put some glue on the back and press the mirror against the wall.
I get very close to the mirror and by breathing in and out a few times, I cover it with damp.
I stand up again and wait until all the moisture is gone.

I remove the mirror and put it back in my pocket.

(expo. EX-MÊKH).
January 26, 2014
-Reuten & Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam
May 17, 2015