A Scene #1 – #7

On Facebook I announce small events that will take place at a certain location and at a certain moment in the near future. Everybody is invited to be at the exact spot at the exact time to contribute to the scene with his/her own simultaneous activity (or inactivity).

A Scene #1
On Saturday October 11 2014, I will walk on the Bergweg (on the right site) in the direction of the Gordelweg, carrying a plastic bag with oranges. At exactly 14:20 CET, I will pass the corner of the Zaagmolenstraat (51°56’08.6″N, 4°28’35.2″E), in front of nr 184 A, and at that exact moment the bag will tear and the oranges will spread over the pavement.
I will then gather the oranges, put them in another plastic bag and walk on in the same direction.

A Scene #2
On Saturday November 15 2014, at exactly 14:20 CET, I will walk into the city library (51°55’15.9″N, 4°29’18.8″E), Centrale Bibliotheek, Hoogstraat 110, Rotterdam), carrying a black cotton bag.
At the center of the hall I will stop walking and check the bag and all the pockets of my cloths. Whatever I am looking for, I will not find it.
I will wait a few seconds. Then once more I thoroughly check the bag and my pockets. I will turn around, walk back to the door (hastily) and leave the building.

A Scene #3
On Saturday June 6 2015, I will walk in the Kipstraat Rotterdam in the direction of the Hoogstraat (corner Hampshire Hotel) carrying a small coffee table wrapped in plastic. At the same time a person will approach the same corner (Hoogstraat, direction Kipstraat) carrying a kitchen chair wrapped in plastic. At exactly 14:20 CET we pass each other at the corner (51°92’24.09″N, 4°49’21.17″E) . After some possible unclearness in how to do this with these big objects, we continue our walks in opposite directions.

A Scene #4
On Saturday October 17 2015, at exactly 14:20 CET, I will enter a department store (51°92’04.02″N, 4°47’86.3789999996751″E) De Bijenkorf, Coolsingel 105, Rotterdam, and I will buy a small black umbrella. With this umbrella I walk to the exit Van Oldenbarneveltplaats and leave the building.
A. When it rains I open the umbrella and walk away.
B. When it does not rain I go back into the shop, return the umbrella, get a pay back and leave through the exit Coolsingel 105 (where I entered the building).

A Scene #5a (in cooperation with Ienke Kastelein)
On Saturday April 23, 2016 I will be standing in front of a butcher’s shopwindow at Meent 67a (51.923001N 4.4839874E). In my left hand I have the dog leash, my dog sits next to me. In my right hand I carry a red shopping bag, full of groceries. At exactly 14:20 CET I see a woman leaving a shoe store at the opposite side of the street. I recognise her and call her name (Ienke). She looks in my direction, smiles, waves her left hand. I put down my bag and wave back. I watch her walking hastily in the direction of the Binnerotte. She turns right and gets out of sight.
Scene #5a is related to A Scene #5b

A Scene #5b (by Ienke Kastelein)
On Saturday April 23, 2016 I will be at Pim Sneakers Store at Meent 50 (51.922859N 4.484160E) looking for a pair of red sneakers size 39 or 40. I will be wearing a red coat and walk with a black cane. At exactly 14:20 CET I am leaving the store. Someone is calling my name. When I look around I see a man with a dog standing in front of a butcher’s shop on the opposite side of the street. I recognize the man (Frans). I smile and wave at him with my left hand. I continue walking hastily in the direction of the Binnerotte. I don’t look back; then I turn right to the Binnerotte and walk on.

A Scene #6: The London Stone
On December 18, at 15:00 GMT we, Alisa OlevaIrina Danilova and Andrew McNiven and Frans van Lent, met at 111 Cannon Street, London, UK .
We established that the building, that protected the London Stone for so long, is now in a process of demolition.
The London Stone is temporarily displaced to the Museum of London.
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A Scene #7: One hour in sixty minutes
On Saturday, April 15th, 2017, at exactly 14:20 CET, I was standing on Stationsplein, Rotterdam
(51 ° 55’24 “N 4 ° 28’13” E), facing Central Station.
One minute later I started to move very slowly in an arc to the right, to walk a circle with a diameter of about six meters.
One hour later, at exactly 15:21, I was back at the starting point and closed the circle.
I then entered the railway station and left.